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Annie Pootoogook (1969-2016)

Station Gallery Curator Olex Wlasenko stands in front of "Mother Breastfeeding her Child," a drawing by Annie Pootoogook

Drawn from memory, her depictions of contemporary Inuit life were vivid and clearly defined. She gave an astonishing range, richness and immediacy to a long line of Inuit visual production. Her drawings added unnerving, tender, droll, jolting complexities to life in the North. Annie Pootoogook was a favourite artist when entering …

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Fishing for Art with Olex

Fishing for art in movies – it’s an exhilarating pursuit of mine. Movies are filled with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that are so fleeting, I feel like an angler waiting for a prized catch. Artworks with meaningful connections to a movie storyline are the real trophies. I’ve started taking note of these …

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