Artist Spotlight: Keeping it Real

paintings by all eight artists in Keeping it Real

Welcome to the first post in the Artist Spotlight series, where we chat with the artist (or artists) currently exhibiting at SG. On view now is Keeping it Real, which features high realism paintings by Ian Bodnaryk, Neville Clarke, Shaun Downey, Diane Huson, Sue Miller, Catherine Mills, Allan O’Marra and …

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What is an Artist?

What Is An Artist

SG’s CEO Kerri King was recently featured in Culture Corner, a new column on Culture Corner is a new column that celebrates Durham Region’s vibrant arts and cultural community. Drawing attention to an age-old debate, Kerri posed the question, “What is an Artist?” No matter the form of expression …

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Fishing for Art with Olex

Fishing for art in movies – it’s an exhilarating pursuit of mine. Movies are filled with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that are so fleeting, I feel like an angler waiting for a prized catch. Artworks with meaningful connections to a movie storyline are the real trophies. I’ve started taking note of these …

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