This page is a tribute to those individuals who supported our 2021 Fundraising Campaign. This page does not represent everyone but only those who took a moment to fill in the Donor Card and create a hand-drawn selfie in the space provided. If you would like to fill out our Donation Card and draw your selfie, simply visit the gallery and fill one out in person, or, print off the donor card by clicking here and bring it down to the gallery.


Will you help us reach our goal?

Station Gallery is commited to connecting art and our community through exciting exhibitions, interactive events and enriching learning opportunities. To continue to provide a quality experience, accessible to all, we need your help. Anything you are able to give is both greatly needed and appreciated. Did you know, each dollar donated is being matched by a generous, anonymous donor. So what you may consider a small donation will grow to twice its size... so every dollar counts!

You can even EMT your donation to

Thank you, to these amazing Station Gallery supporters and the many more not shown here.

What are you looking at here? Our Donation Card has an area on the card where donors can draw a selfie when they make their donation. Have you made a donation and would like to send us your hand-drawn selfie? Send it to