We're celebrating 50 years of Art, Stories and Love! Our 50th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign is kicking off by seeking out Station Gallery supporters, volunteers and visitors, past and present, to share your interesting stories and perspectives of our wonderfully unexpected community gallery.

Over the entire year, we will be sharing a selection of your stories, producing special 50th Anniversary events and of course... creating art that captures the legacy and spirit of the last 50 years of Station Gallery.

If you have a unique story or memory of Station Gallery, we'd love to hear about it.  Use the short form at the bottom of this page to tell us your story!



Des Newman

Former Mayor of the Town of Whitby and Community Champion

Whitby Arts (now known as Station Gallery) was one of a variety of major projects which I considered necessary in the development of the new Town of Whitby after the amalgamation of the Town and Township in 1968. I felt Whitby Arts would bring a much-needed cultural centre with a broad, multi-dimensional focus on the arts. 


It was always my belief that the creative, artistic, social, educational and emotional well-being of the residents of the community must be recognized, and an opportunity must be offered to them to nurture and give sustenance by having a place to feel and express this essential part of their humanity.


Out of the many memorable moments of Whitby Arts, one that stood out to me was when the Whitby Arts Board agreed to put in place a program for local students. This Gallery youth program was initiated with an art contest where students from all schools were invited to participate. The response was overwhelming. It was so rewarding to see enthusiasm in Whitby’s young people for creating and appreciating art. This demand resulted in ongoing art education programs at the Gallery, planting the seeds for their involvement with the arts as they became adults.


I am thankful to the many benefactors over these fifty years. I recall the original team of four founders and many others who have made significant contributions when it was needed. The cumulative effect of those efforts is realized in the Station Gallery we all appreciate today. The importance of the Station Gallery’s role as a cultural hub will naturally expand with the ongoing growth and the diversity of our community.


For the Station Gallery, the past is strong. The present is vibrant. The future holds great promise.


Judith and Viktor Tinkl


Viktor and I have been involved with the Station gallery since at least 1980 when Linda Paulocik was the heart and soul of the gallery. She always had delicious cakes and snacks which appeared when the work was done. We were in at least 9 exhibitions including the 20th, 25th and 30th anniversary exhibitions. In the early days the Station was actually on the other side of the road and it had a great gallery space and workshop in the basement. It has been 50 great years.