Exhibition Overview

This ever-popular, year-end show inspires our creative patronship to create a submission based on a given theme. "Dream Logic" is an open-ended and versatile theme that's sure to ignite diverse, thoughtful responses. At first sight, Dream Logic seems to hold a contradiction of terms. When we dream our visions could seem complete and coherent. But in waking, things change and distort. Both sides of the same coin, let dreams and logic inspire your creative beginnings. Awards will be presented to the top three entrants from each category at the official opening reception on Wednesday, December 16.


Olinda Casimiro

Executive Director

Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg


Georgia Fullerton

Artist and Expressive Arts Therapist


Matthew Kyba

Curator of Exhibitions

Visual Art Centre, Clarington


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The winner will be announced on Facebook January 21 at 6 pm.


Children's Category


1st Place - Aiden Lauder

TITLE: If...2020 Were a Video Game?!

MEDIUM: Watercolour & pen

JURORS' COMMENTS: This is great, contained narrative. Well executed, with nice line work and colour washes.


2nd Place - Nicole Lahay

TITLE: Totem Pole of Dreams

JURORS' COMMENTS: It’s fresh, direct and charming. Really interesting and great colour choice. We like how the composition uses the whole page and everything is well put together.


3rd Place - Lia Merrifield

TITLE: Invisible to Myself

MEDIUM: Pencil crayon

JURORS' COMMENTS: Totally adorable!

Youth Category


1st Place - Kaidence Green

TITLE: Disintegration

MEDIUM: Mixed media, pen liner + coloured pencil

JURORS' COMMENTS: We’re glad you submitted this piece. We enjoy seeing the subtle line work. This feels like a vivid dream in all its nightmarish details. Also, your work is professionally presented. Well done!


2nd Place - Aarya Chaudhary

TITLE: For Your Eyes Only

MEDIUM: Acrylic pouring & graphite on canvas

JURORS' COMMENTS: Nicely composed with a surreal combination of a galaxy and human anatomy. Great use of light and dark. Excellent movement. Great exploration of media, both drawing and painting materials. A very heart-felt piece.

3rd Place - Tanya Najib

TITLE: Day Dreaming

MEDIUM: Pencil

JURORS' COMMENTS: Very skilled, technical and beautiful. Great attention to detail and a finely controlled value grey scale. Nicely presented in a shadow box. Really captures a realistic likeness in graphite!

Adult Category


1st Place - Amy Shackleton

TITLE: Frosted Glass (Toronto + Minden)

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

JURORS' COMMENTS: There’s some wonderful, invigorating energy in this work. Here you’ll find deliberate and accidental mark-making. The artist is paying attention to both negative and positive spaces and acknowledges that this painting is a three dimensional piece by “working the edges”. This work makes you stop and think. What is this? It’s familiar yet fictional. It reminds us of something we’ve never seen before. The surreal elements really fit with the exhibition theme and capture the title of the show. It really works well.


2nd Place - Sabrina Ebenreth

TITLE: Disequilibrium in Balance

MEDIUM: Acrylic and oil on canvas

JURORS' COMMENTS: This piece fuses contemporary and traditional approaches. The lines are blurred in this work—literally and metaphorically. It speaks to us as being in between—being stuck—particularly during this global pandemic paradigm which we find ourselves. Confined to digital rigidity and being organic and free. The sharp details and soft blurred moments create a spatial disorientation—a nice tension in the picture. We see a lot of communication in this painting. We enjoy the subtlety, grace and psychological charge of this artist’s expression.


3rd Place - Shirley Heard

TITLE: My Dream Garden

MEDIUM: Acrylic

JURORS' COMMENTS: For us this is a painting you can get lost in. It can be appreciated from a far and up close. Although ambiguous, this piece reads as a floral work. This work challenges the viewer to see beyond its abstract, ambiguous shapes. We love the balance and diversity of flowers. We too can appreciate the internal deliberations between impasto clusters and fluid painterly passages. This composition works really well. The artist’s paint strokes seem effortless—it’s controlled chaos—which is a difficult balance to achieve. Congratulations for your originality, intensity and the vivid delicacy of your technique.

Jurors' Choice


Sadko Hadzihasanovic


MEDIUM: Oil on copper

JURORS' COMMENTS: It’s as though we are entering into a visual epiphany. Within a dream there’s an inherent logic. When you’re dreaming everything makes sense. The artist is making something strange here—and this work has its own logic. If you were to encounter this in a dreamscape, you wouldn’t question this scenario—you’d take it at face value. It makes sense in the moment and this artist’s honesty continues to resonate.

Artist Submissions

T.J. Aberdean

acrylic on canvas

Adult (18+)

Untitled, 2018

Cora Adams

pencil crayon

Child (4—12)

Family Together

Cody Attersley

acrylic on canvas

Adult (18+)

Rising of the Phoenix

Marni Bachuk


Adult (18+)

She Lies With the Bulrushes

Cheryl Bannister

mixed media

Adult (18+)

Winter Olympic Dreams

Marjatta Beasley


Adult (18+)


Xavier Berrios


Child (4—12)

Logical Thoughts

Peter Bherer

watercolour and ink

Adult (18+)

A Lunenburg Afternoon

Nesrin Blair

acrylic & mixed media

Adult (18+)


Ilija Blanusa

mixed / sculpture

Adult (18+)

Table No. 2

Julia Bradley


Youth (13—17)

Floating Thoughts

Carmel Brennan


Adult (18+)

My Daily Dream: Pandemic Ending at Dusk

Paige Brown


Adult (18+)


T.J. Brown

acrylic on canvas

Adult (18+)


Chas Burke


Adult (18+)

Homage to J.J. : so also the night

Annika Cann

acrylic with gel pen on canvas

Youth (13—17)

Wish Upon A Star

Lon Carmichael

oil and acrylic

Adult (18+)

On Thin Ice

Nancy R. Chalut

oil on board

Adult (18+)

Sadie Dreams in Gray

Aarya Chaudhary

acrylic pouring & graphite on canvas

Youth (13—17)

For Your Eyes Only

Sandy Chen

acrylic on canvas

Youth (13—17)

An Ancient Breath

Megan Cole

glazed porcelain

Adult (18+)

Persephone Dreaming

Linda E. Cole


Adult (18+)

I Dreamed of a Murder of Crows

Sandra Collins


Adult (18+)

Take Flight

Sally Cudlip

newspaper and ink collage

Adult (18+)

Flying Refined

Sally Cumming

digital photograph

Adult (18+)

Shack in Abandoned Fishing Town, Newfoundland