Art and Learning at Station Gallery

By Georgia Stavrakos

At Station Gallery, we believe in the power of art and that it’s for everyone! Unfortunately, there is a misconception that art isn’t an important subject in school, or that some people just aren’t artistic. Arts programming is often the first to lose funding, and classes can often take a back seat to math tutoring or help with essay-writing.

Art isn’t just throwing paint around; it’s an important part of children’s development, a great tool for self-expression, and a way to improve a variety of skills. There’s no place that showcases the power of art better than Station Gallery. The gallery serves as an amazing creative space for community members to connect, learn, and become inspired through exhibitions, classes, events, and camps. Programming is focused on exploring bigger ideas in the world relevant to artists’ lives through education, exploration, and art-making. Not only do participants improve their own skills, they connect more deeply to themselves and the broader world around them in meaningful ways through the artistic process.

We begin by learning about and pondering a concept relevant to our world. During Station Gallery’s summer camp for ages 6-15, young artists have the opportunity to explore the presence of art in everyday life during Art Marketplace, or to be transported back in time to learn more about events, people, and objects throughout history in different cultures that have shaped our lives today during Time Travel. Each week brings new projects and new ideas for children to explore.

A 21st century learning model by using a hands-on approach is the focus in our studios. Artists improve their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills- the four c’s of the 21st century learning model- through the creative process of making visual art in a variety of ways. Artists are encouraged to ask questions, experiment, get messy, plan, problem-solve, invent, and create in a way that values individuality and teaches skills that extend to every area of life. From sketch to final product, participants think deeply and critically about interesting new ideas, plan carefully, and experiment with visual design elements and principles to produce an amazing project that is meaningful to them. Throughout this process, they are supported through the twists and turns of creation by educators who are passionate about art and love serving as a guide while the process unfolds.

Art encourages the expression of ideas and emotions in a way that words sometimes cannot. Art teaches students that there is more than one way to solve a problem, and that they are more than capable of persevering through their struggles to success. Art puts the creator in the driver’s seat, allowing them to take risks and make their own decisions while working with a variety of media and techniques. Artists explore new ideas and deepen their understanding through using their imagination, creating, planning, reflecting, and readjusting approaches to apply their new knowledge. They improve a variety of their skills, both cognitively and physically. Best of all, they gain more confidence and pride in their work which extends past the walls of the gallery.

If you feel as though you don’t have a creative bone in your body, Station Gallery is an amazing way to start connecting to art and culture in a welcoming and engaging environment! 

Register for summer camp for ages 6-15 here.

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