Exhibition Overview

…and then there were three… but let’s start from the beginning. Last summer SG put out an open call to artists to submit artwork to a non-juried, open-themed community show. Each participating artist voted for three fellow artists, who would be invited back for a three-person exhibition during this year’s landmark 50th anniversary.

The time has arrived to feature the top trio as chosen by their peers: Susan Lindo, Sean McQuay and Ronald Peter. Brought together by both chance and design, Trio showcases three talented and devoted Durham regional artists. Each artist brings an individual voice to this exhibition resonating with convergent harmonies, psychological insight and astonishing delicacy. 

Exhibiting Artists



Title: Girl With Torn Sweater


Title: Girl With Unshaven Legs

Susan Lindo

Susan was born in Jamaica where her interest in art started early when her painting was first tacked to the classroom wall.  She knew then what she wanted to do – ART- in all its mediums!


She taught herself to paint in oils and carve small bits of wood before attending after-school classes at the Jamaica School of Art.  When her family immigrated to Canada, Susan enrolled at the Central Technical School, Art Department in Toronto graduating with honours.  She continued with her art studies, graduating with honours from both the International Academy of Merchandising and Design for Computer Graphics and from Sheridan College in Classical Animation. She has entered various shows both with her paintings and sculptures and won numerous awards.  Susan resides in Ajax and along with her art is a full time caregiver for her mother.

The artist states: “I am honoured to be a part of this 50th anniversary of the Station Gallery exhibition. My medium today is wood. There is something about tree limbs that resemble our human limbs and their bark - our coverings i.e. clothing, be it for a person or animal and in the case of the nude diver … not a stitch of bark!”


Title: Through The Corner Of My Eye I See Nature Passing By



Sean McQuay

A graduate of The Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and student exchange program at The Cooper Union NYC, Sean McQuay is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living and working in the Durham region. As educator McQuay assisted in the development of Durham College’s first Fine Arts program and as artist he is a recipient of Ontario and Canada Council arts awards with work found in many public and private art collections. As an artist whose work at times takes inspiration from long distance treks through natural (and occasionally urban) environments both in Britain and locally, McQuay states the following: 

“While walking through varied woodlands over the years I have sometimes been preoccupied with the practice of pareidolia, a tendency to interpret ambiguous (in this case naturally occurring) patterns and shapes as something other than what they might at first appear. What do I perceive in the details of that tangle of branches and vines? Over time this interest has materialized into different bodies of work incorporating various mediums. My recent series is a photo-transparency based collection of what I like to describe as “phantasms” inhabiting one of my favourite haunts, the Lynde Shores & Cranberry Marsh landscape. The subject of interest is the winter tree, the tree with branches bared and silhouetted, revealing its complex and unadorned self. It’s vibrant nervous system. When playing around with the replicated transparencies from my original photos I’m continually delighted to find that through the simple process of flipping, merging and layering many unexpected entities materialize. And while I may be compelled to title them, the freedom is also there for the viewer to perceive and imagine for themselves.”

Title: Capricornus (Phantasms & Ongoing Sightings in The Marsh Woods)


Title: Cellist (Phantasms & Ongoing Sightings in The Marsh Woods)


Title: Cernunnos (Phantasms & Ongoing Sightings in The Marsh Woods)


Title: Grimalkin (Phantasms & Ongoing Sightings in The Marsh Woods)



Title: The Portal, Stone And Steel

Ronald Peter

Working in oils, watercolor, pastels and pen and ink, I try to portray culturally interesting, as well as intriguing landscapes and found still life images. Many of my subjects were discovered while touring North America by motorcycle, allowing me to absorb the atmosphere and subtle nuances of an area unencumbered and unfiltered by steel and glass.

I studied art in Toronto in the early 1960s, then began a career in the graphic arts, specializing in design, publishing and advertising that lasted over 40 years.

Now retired, I am devoting all my time and creative energy to the world of painting, in particular pen and ink works.

Working in a variety of mediums, I feel the challenge of mastering each one requires the artist to look at his subject in a different way each time. This new vision, offers the artist additional insight into the subject and his work.


Title: Fishing Stage With Clothesline, Nfld.