Exhibition Overview

SG celebrates Black History Month… and beyond. This photographic exhibition brings together a group of photographers whose mission is to capture and present images that focus on the Pan-Caribbean culture and to create a legacy that highlights the excellent work of Canadian Caribbean photographers.


These works reflect a rich artistic content, tell an engaging story as well as pay tribute and celebrate the contributions of a Caribbean diaspora in Canada. Featured artists include: Jenny Baboolal, Anthony Berot, Peter Faure, Ian P. Grant, David Lewis, Gilbert Medina, maQ Sealey and Horace R. Thorne. Together this group is known as the Canadian Caribbean Photographic Arts Collective (CCPAC) and they state:  


“Our lenses are pointed in all directions but as people of the Caribbean who now call Canada home, we bring a unique Canadian Caribbean perspective which we are happy to share through our exhibits. Our Beyond the Carnival 4 exhibit includes photographs covering a wide range of subjects, including carnival, and captures varied experiences which have inspired our members.”

Exhibiting Artists



Title: Fire

Jenny Baboolal

Title: I Look

Ian P. Grant




Title: Blue Devils Jab Jab

Peter Faure

Gilbert Medina

Title: Carnival Party Goer



Title: Dreamer

Anthony Berot

Title: 2019 Maya Winter Visit

MaQ Sealey




Title: Havana

David Lewis

Title: A Different Taste

Horace R. Thorne