Habitat Haven

Station Gallery Overview and Instructor Introduction

Unit Duration:


Dani provides a brief overview of Station Gallery and tells you a little more about herself.

Project Overview and the Permanent Collection

Unit Duration:


Dani introduces today’s workshop and provides a brief explanation of habitats and their importance as our ecosystem. She also shows one of Station Gallery's permanent collection pieces.

Materials and Workspace Layout

Unit Duration:


Dani provides an overview of the materials in your material kit.

Colour Theory and Watercolour Background

Unit Duration:


Dani explains briefly the primary colours, secondary colours,  cool and warm colours. She does a watercolour background demonstration using the wet on wet technique. She finishes by creating the watercolour strips.

Collage Theory and Techniques. Collage beaver

Unit Duration:


Dani explains the history of the word collage and provides a demonstration as to how to use warm coloured paper to collage the beaver.

Zentangle Theory and techniques. Zentangle habitat features

Unit Duration:


Dani provides zentangle theory and an overview of shapes and patterns. She shows how to draw oak/ maple leaves and tree trunk.  

Final Assembly and Wrap-up

Unit Duration:


You made it! Dani works with you to do the final assembly of all the pieces to create the final product. Congratulations... you made it! Dani says goodbye!