Landscape Legacy

Station Gallery Overview and Instructor Introduction

Unit Duration:


Dani introduces herself and provides a brief workshop overview.

Project Overview and the Permanent Collection

Unit Duration:


Dani presents the finished product and the main art techniques to complete it (abstract landscape with watercolour collage) Composition and  landscape concepts, timing for the video and  workshop completion timing.  She also introduces a permanent collection piece A Perfect Day by Brian Kelley

Materials and Workspace Layout

Unit Duration:


Dani provides an overview of the materials in your material kit,

Colour Theory and Watercolour Background

Unit Duration:


Dani reviews basic colour theory including primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours , cool and warm colours, monochromatic colour schemes. She performs a watercolour background demonstration, using wet on wet and wet on dry techniques.

Collage Theory

Unit Duration:


Dani provides a brief history of the collage technique and walks you through collaging your landscape.

Animal silhouette

Unit Duration:


Dani reveals the graphite paper silhouette technique.

Final Assembly and Wrap-up

Unit Duration:


Dani provides a demonstration as to how to assemble all the pieces together to create your finished piece. Wrap up and say goodbye.