Create an Underwater Seascape with Clay Fish

Meet your Instructor

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Meet Lucy, your Artist Instructor for this fun workshop.

Project Overview

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I will be doing a really quick overview of what we will be creating in today's workshop so you have a good idea of what the final art piece will look like.

Laying out your Workspace

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Let's take a look at our workspace and materials and make sure we've got everything ready to go before we start.

Creating the seascape background

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Things are starting to get fun! We're going to rip the paper to make our waves and then glue them to the foamcore (or cardboard) background, so we can create our beautiful seascape.

Time to add our colourful coral!

Unit Duration:


We're going to create our colourful tissue-paper coral and add it to the beautiful background you already created.

Let's start to make our clay fish

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We kick this workshop up a notch and get our air-dry clay out so we can start creating the form of our fish!

Creating clay fish and details

Unit Duration:


It's the moment you've all been waiting for! We're going to put everything together now.

Assembling all the pieces

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We're almost there artists! We finally get to assemble all the pieces and wrap up this amazing piece of art.

Project wrap up!

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You did it! You created an amazing piece of art! Way to go. Now it's time to share it with everyone.