Curator Day at Summer Camp

By Georgia Stavrakos

Counsellors, campers, and staff alike get excited for Curator Day during the summer at Station Gallery! Every Friday, our summer campers step into the shoes of an art gallery curator for a day by planning, organizing, and presenting a showcase of stunning works they created during their week at camp. Each artist receives their own special area in our Coppa Gallery to display their finished art pieces to counsellors, parents, caregivers, siblings, and friends for a marvelous ending to their week.

Curator Day is an amazing chance for campers to show off their hard work during their week at camp, while also learning about one of the most important jobs in the gallery: the curation of the art pieces for exhibitions! Throughout the week, campers learn about visual design elements and principles, art-making techniques, problem-solving, and the importance of respecting artwork. Each camper spends the week making decisions, overcoming challenges, and creating beautiful pieces with great meaning behind them. In the inspiring atmosphere of Station Gallery, campers are encouraged to explore different art forms. Campers gain an understanding for how art conveys messages; in this way, they gain confidence in their own ability to create, the work of their peers, and the exhibitions in the gallery. 

“The campers are always so excited to show off their art,” says Lead Counsellor Lucy. “I love seeing how happy and proud they are!”  

As the Curator Day Exhibition draws close, each artist carefully selects three of their favourite creations. When Friday arrives, our amazing team of counsellors set up for a fantastic day. Towards the end of the day when it is almost time for pickup, campers receive a tie to wear to get them in the curator mindset before being clapped into the gallery by all their admiring visitors and the counsellors they spent their week with! Each of the campers exhibits their striking art pieces, having the opportunity to view the art created by their peers and answer questions about their own pieces. Parents and caregivers have the chance to witness their children’s pride, hard work, and dedication throughout the week firsthand! 

It’s truly a special day for everyone in the gallery, and we definitely look forward to Fridays at Station Gallery Summer Camp; Curator Day is the perfect way to celebrate the creativity, talent, and uniqueness of each camper!

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