Drawing For Art 2019

By Kristine Carr

Traditionally, art galleries are known for their quiet and contemplative atmosphere and attracting a type of crowd that enjoys mulling over creative pieces by artists in a serene environment, that allows their mind to wander while whispering thoughts to one another.

Drawing for Art was not such an occasion.

With a loud rumbling in the air and periodic high pitched screams of excitement, Station Gallery’s annual event, Drawing for Art, was a successful fundraiser that took place on April 25th, 2019. This event, that hundreds look forward to every year, brought in all walks of life – and you better have brought your outdoor voice to match the laughter and joy that permeated through each space.

The event gathered people from all over Durham Region, which was an inspiring and comforting feeling. Knowing that everyone was there to support artists, culture and the gallery was experiencing a family reunion where everyone is excited to support the neighbourhood.

This annual favourite stands out because it offers the opportunity to put original artwork into the hands of ticket holders. You chose your favourite art pieces, wrote down the numbers on your provided papers and crossed your fingers for your name to be drawn. If your chosen pieces were snapped up by someone else before your name was called, it was a scurry to find your new favourite pieces – because if your name was called, you only had two minutes to get to the registration table and let them know which art piece you wanted to take home. Watching the production of the event was like witnessing an intricate ballet, while the audience was playing a very fast game of sophisticated bingo. The volunteers and team who orchestrated Drawing for Art made everything look seamless and effortless – while the crowd enjoyed the gourmet appetizers and libations.

Donors, volunteers, artists, aspiring artists, community members, and the Station Gallery team were all together in the exciting unfolding of the evening. It’s not often you are able to witness a coming together for a greater cause, and this evening had every element of a meaningful gathering. Station Gallery is a free gallery that is open to the public 7 days a week, and is so because of events like this one. Whether you are an artist or an admirer of art, there is a place there for you.

As the 26th anniversary of Drawing for Art has now come to a close, many are now playing hosts to contemplative and creative art in their homes. They can again mull over the pieces by the artists in a serene environment that allows their minds to wander while whispering thoughts to one another, which I’m sure they will be saying, “I can’t wait until next year”.

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