Annual Juried Patrons’ Exhibition Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony

 (Encounters jurors left to right: Leila Timmins, Greg Murphy, Fynn Leitch)

27th Annual Juried Exhibition
December 14, 2019 to January 19, 2020

Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, December 18 at 7pm

This ever-popular, year-end show inspires our creative membership to create a submission based on a given theme. “Encounters” is an open-ended and versatile theme that’s sure to ignite diverse, thoughtful responses. Encounters happen every day. They usually hold the unexpected. It could be a casual meeting or a chance discovery of a good book.

This year’s jurors, Fynn Leitch (Curator, Art Gallery of Peterborough), Leila Timmins (Curator & Manager, Exhibitions & Collections, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery) and Greg Murphy (Executive Dean, School of Media Art & Design, Durham College) had the challenging task of selecting from a large number of works. Their challenge was to select works that make a strong statement in connection to this year’s theme and work together in a relevant, cohesive way.

We are pleased to announce the 27th edition exhibiting artists!

Olivia Aitchison
Marni Bachuk
Cheryl Bannister
D. Bateman
Hilary Beal
Marjatta Beasley
Leslie Beauchamp
Wade Belbin
Xavier M. Berrios
Kristina Billinger
Ilija Blanusa
Ian Bodnaryk
Gretel Boose
Carmel Brennan
Avril Bull-Jones
Barbara Buntin
Lon Carmichael
Nancy R. Chalut
Christine Chown
Cathy Clark
Megan Cole
Linda Cole
Tim Colleran
Sally Cudlip
Sally Cumming
David Cumming
Diane Daigle
John Di Leonardo
Sabrina Ebenreth
Michelle Ferguson
Georgia Fullerton
Gail George
David B. Gillespie
Ian P. Grant
Ruth Greenlaw
Annemarie Greenwood
Lucy Grzegorcyk
Tom Halligan
Sherilynn Halton
Jeff Harris
Sarker Helal Uddin
Jill Holliday
Kelly Hu
Jasmine Hum
Rhiannon Isles
Carolyn Joore
Lori Korkola
Katie Korol
Claire Korol
John Krasinski
Judith Kreps-Hawkins
Tara Larkin
Madison Lauder
Aidan Lauder
Susan Lindo
Emily Liut
Isabella Liut
Elizabeth Lopez
Liz Lowe
Maureen Lowry
Tina-Louise Lukaschus
Carin Makuz
George Marlow
Roxanne McCarthy
Gerald Wayne McLeod
Doreen McRae
Sue Miller
Sherri Munns
Nomis Murphy
Eileen Myers
Tanya Najib
Stephane Najib
Vincent S.F. Neal
Christl Niemuller
Rob Niezen
Sienna Ogilvie-King-Stranos
Susan Oliver Edmonds
Allan O’Marra
Gloria Papastavros
Ronald Peter
Tanya Petruk
Kacey Petruk
Gordon Reidt
Karen Richardson
Bob Robertson
Lesa Robertson
Tana Rollo-Feil
Eric Rosser
Carol Sakomoto
Priyanta Sanyal
Hans Schuster
Florina Skinner
Anita Stein
Marion Stevenson
Shelby Strong
Marissa Sweet
Erika Takacs
Gayle Temple
Marilyn Walsh
Jasmine Ward
David C. Wigley
Joan Wilton
Lynn Wyczolkowski
Nadine Wyczolkowski

We welcome you, your friends and family to attend this year’s opening reception and awards ceremony on Wednesday, December 18th, beginning at 7:00 pm. Parking spaces at the gallery will be limited on that evening, however additional parking is available at Iroquois Park or the Whitby GO Station—all in walking distance to the gallery. Exhibition continues to January 19, 2020.

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