Amanda Nedham: a dog is short a car is long


Station Gallery will be proud to host Nedham’s first solo exhibition following her MFA completion at RISD in Providence, Rhode Island. This show celebrates a coming-in-full-circle moment in the artist’s creative life path. As it turns out, guess where the artist received her childhood artistic training? Station Gallery!

Amanda Nedham stages prolonged encounters with things usually avoided. Her carefully conceived, exquisitely crafted drawings and installations are a point of entry into parallel worlds of quietus and remembrance. “I am interested in the contemporary artefact, familiar animals and objects re-cast and re-defined through webs of alternative associations.” The artist continues: “Each is opened up to new narrative possibilities, illustrating at the core that the creations are subject to interpretation in service of the human desire to understand and further to command through story-telling.”

Nedham’s exhibition title is inspired by Alex Colville’s take on a Hippocrates aphorism, “life is short but art is long” as a kind of call to arms. This show extends Nedham’s explorations into the relationships people have with animals—specifically dogs and horses—but also with cars, all vehicles of modification reflecting cultural values and power.

PLUS: Nedham’s exhibition is showing in conjuction with Slice of Life, Members’ Exhibition, people’s choice award winner Diane Huson. Huson’s oil paintings will be in the your Space gallery until March 1st, 2015.

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