Boundless and Borderless


Canada and Australia have similar histories of settlement and colonization. The landscape looms large in both imaginations, as does the spirit of the explorer and adventurer.  Each artist in the Boundless and Borderless portfolio has viewed the theme from their own perspective, conjuring up personal experiences and interpreting their ideas with a variety of printmaking techniques.

There are forty-four handmade prints created by artists from Open Studio, Canada (22) and Sydney Printmakers, Australia (22) in the Boundless and Borderless portfolio.  Each print is 11″ x 15″ and is printed on 250-300 g BFK archival paper. Printmaking techniques include relief (woodblock, mokuhanga, linoleum), intaglio (dry point, sugar lift, chine collé, embossment), lithography, screenprint and collagraph.

Boundless and Borderless will be exhibited at The Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario, May 4-June 16, 2013; Sydney, Australia, May-June 2013; Dundee, Scotland, August-September, 2013 and in Toronto, Ontario, November 2013.

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