July 21 – September 2, 2012
Curator’s Walk & Talk: Thursday August 16, 7pm

Nothing compares to making whimsical marks on paper. With pen or pencil in hand, we’ve all made our marks. Whether sketching surroundings, dreaming-up elaborate stories or passing the time with oodles of doodles, nothing liberates our imaginations better.

What better way to celebrate the right side of the brain than with a summer exhibition of contemporary mark making. This group show ventures to the creative side of the mind. Immediacy, invention and reverie are themes that run through Fictionary.

Ever since the invention of photography, pictorial arts have aspired to the conditions of lens-based media. This show goes beyond the photo by exploring sketching, narrative and whimsy at its best.

This presentation will include both emerging and established artists showcasing their recent studio output. Artists Dani Crosby (Oshawa), Jay Dart (Port Perry), Larry Eisenstein (Toronto) and Christophe Jordache (Montreal) play outside the boundaries of creative experience. In Fictionary, their mystery narratives, streams of doodles, toilet paper animation and interactive story-maker joyfully merge.

Fictionary aligns with non-ordinary forms of consciousness such as trance, humour, meditation and dreams. Few straight lines appear in this free-handed and open-ended show. Here’s a site where exuberance reigns supreme!

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