Gillian Iles: a short trip to the infinite

Gillian Iles: a short trip to the infinite

January 27 – March 18, 2018

in the Coppa Gallery and Anne Sims Heritage Gallery

Opening reception: Thursday, February 1 at 7PM


Gillian Iles assembles three sequential installations that combine painting, sculpture and constructions. Through this environment, her narrative follows a group of young protagonists faced with self-awareness and realization of their own potential. Iles’s trilogy portrays the primal impulse for generational shifts and challenges to accepted ideals, as well as the establishment’s prerogative to remain intact.

Akin to Eden, this environment combines primal desire, threat, reward and peril. Through this immersive experience—together with the artist and her characters—we embark on a journey of endless possibilities filled with discovery and transformation.

We found ourselves within a dark forest
Installation included suspended and wall mounted paintings on stretched canvas & Mylar sheets, figurative freestanding forms (painting & digital photograph print), and projection combined with 2 Mylar paintings, 2015, detail

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