Ingrid Ruthig: Re|Visions

October 14 – December 10, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, October 20 at 7pm

The solo exhibition, Ingrid Ruthig: Re|Visions, builds on a series of 120 portrait-and-biography diptychs of women creators selected from throughout history. Ruthig’s body of work questions perceptions and the accepted version of our creative legacy, by examining the skewed nature of biography, the portrait, literary and art history, as well as an artist’s sense of herself as creator.

Working with a combination of text and image from a wide range of sources, Ruthig references representations.
“I’m fascinated by our collective determination to build, reshape or restore from fragments a narrative about the world and ourselves in it, and how we imagine the incomplete story with the unknowable end.” Ruthig continues: “But that story is never entirely a reliable one.” Through manipulation and layering, weaving and stitchery, her work scrambles perception and shifts the view to offer a re/vision of the individuals presented, in order to spur questions, to reveal the flaws and inadequacies of a man-made history, to re-see – rather than blindly accept as accurate – our text and image inheritance.

2016 was the Canadian centennial of women’s suffrage, and 2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary. Here’s a prime opportunity to reflect on the women who, through their art, helped shape our views in this province, this country and the world.

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