Jennifer Dorner: AREA CODE: Blueprints for Future Escape

ennifer Dorner
AREA CODE:  Blueprints for Future Escape
July 12 – September 7, 2014
Opening reception 
Saturday, July 12    1pm
Curator’s Walk & Talk
Thursday, July 17   7pm
Last year SG hosted an experimental, interactive group exhibition. The Wiki Show gave visitors a voice in determining future programming. That future has arrived!
Montreal artist Jennifer Dorner was chosen by popular vote to return to SG with a solo show in the summer of 2014.
Through her painting process, Dorner asks: “What would a neighbourhood look like if it were catapulted above the stratosphere, as a way of escaping the unrest below?”  She imagines her immediate neighbourhood suspended in outer space.

Dorner’s exquisitely complex paintings give viewers an entry point to a “neutral” safe zone in the infinite reaches of a celestial universe. There is no gravity in Dorner’s painting. Decorative lights are strung between stars and water bottles stand in for lakes and rivers. On her canvases anything is possible.


You weren’t just a fan of Dorner’s exquisitely complex paintings in our galleries — her works were a source of inspiration inside our studios too. In fact, during our spring session, all of our community of artists aged 2 to 82 made work that responded to Dorner’s exhibition.

We were so excited we decided to hang it all up at once!

Join us for a double whammy exhibition:
AREA CODE:  Blueprints for Future Escape by Jennifer Dorner
Out of the Blue: Artwork from the SG Studios by you!

July 12 – September 7, 2014

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