Mind & Matter: 21st Annual Members’ Exhibition


It’s official. This year’s theme and title as chosen by you is Mind & Matter.

This ever-popular, year-end show inspires our creative membership to create and submit a work based on a theme. Mind & Matter can mean so many things…

Award Winners

Best in Show (Irwin Family Award)                Iliya Blanusa
1st Place Adult                                             Ingrid Ruthig
2nd Place Adult                                             Marni Bachuk
3rd Place Adult                                             Ron Eccles
Honourable Mention Adult                             Lucky Jackson
Honourable Mention Adult                             Zach Tuinman
1st Place Youth                                            Ashley Wong
2nd Place Youth                                           Adria Wysotski
3rd Place Youth                                            Katie Doyle
1st Prize Mayor’s Children’s Award                Jack Petruk
2nd Prize Mayor’s Children’s Award               Kacey Petruk
3rd Prize Mayor’s Children’s Award                Chase Hadleycrane
A big thanks to Trent University, Oshawa Campus for their generous support of our Members’ Exhibition. 


Joan Attersley Mind Games Mixed
Marni Bachuk Turning Fifty acrylic on canvas
Aldo Barba At Oshawa Harbour Acrylic
Shelley Beach Balancing Act watercolour on Terra Skin
Marjatta Beasley Mindfield oil
Tara Bergeron Layers Multi media – Fiber & beads
Iliya Blanusa Table No. 1 wood, metal
Brandon Branigan Mind over Monster Polymer Clay, Mixed
Carmel Brennan Visionary Madness X 3 Oil and cold wax
Linda Browne Cosmic Contemplations Acrylic
Nancy R. Chalut Mindful Matter oil
Sally Cudlip Witness collage
Sally Cumming Web in Morning Sun digital photograph
Iwona Dufaj Neighbourhood oil on canvas
Rowena Dykins Then there were none. Winged Insect Series acrylic on canvas
Ron Eccles White Line Composition oil/board
Amanda Fasken Life Quilt Mixed Media/Acrylic
Eric Field as chance, as the plural of chant pigment print
Toni Gadzovski I Dream of Umbrellas Photo collage
Janos Gardonyi Port Authority No. 4, In the Manner of A.J. Casson Digital Artwork
Gail George A Touch of Winter Mixed Media
Ruth Greenlaw The Sun King’s Mirrors Pastel
Annemarie Greenwood Mind over Matter Mixed Media
Jaclyne Grimoldby The Space Outside screen print & acrylic
Angela Hennessey Just a Matter of Time Monoprint
Nancy Howell Soaring High’ Coloured pencil
Michael Jack It May Rain watercolour
Lucky Jackson Fox Girl oil pastel, acrylic on wood panel
Grethe Jensen Ethereal acrylic on canvas
Horst Kaminski Ladyslipper Oil on canvas
Laurel Kimball Schools Out Photography B+W
Bert Kortekaas Nano-Magic concrete, porcelain, grout
John Krasinski Limestone Synapse Silver gelatin print
River Lewis Myself Disappearing No. 1 digital drawing print
Bruce Livingston untitled colour photograph
Audrey MacLean Spirit Feathers Collage
Katherine Mathewson Love Lesson acrylic on canvas
Linda McIntosh Bodhisattva Vow Mixed media collage
George Mocanu Awakened Consciousness Soapstone
Heather Myers Shades of Blue Photography
Alexandre Nahdee For us to keep Acrylic, Paintmarker, Spraypaint
Christl Niemuller Icescapes Acrylic
Rob Niezen No Strings Attached Oil on Canvas
Audra Noble Deliverance Photography and acrylic
Barbara Ponomareff “Who We Are” Mixed Media
Gordon Reidt Swimming Sea Turtle Stone (serpentine/marble)
Eric Rosser Portrait of Jackson Pollock Dripped House Paint
Ingrid Ruthig TexTiles Paper (hand cut & woven)
Afsaneh Shafai Park Mixed media on paper
Sue Slocum Recollection Mixed Media
Barry Smylie landsea 07 acrylic on canvas
Sharon E. Steinhaus Bridges Between Mind & Matter Acrylic
Barbara Suen Nova Scotia – Still Life limited edition print
Marissa Sweet Hushed Shadows (Sulu) mixed media
Erika Takacs Perception Internalized paper pulp
Stefanie Thompson Seven Portraits of Eleanor Graphite
Mary Thomson Music Matters Watercolour
Sally Thurlow Ascension Dentist plaster
Anastasia Tiller Identity Oil on Panel
Zach Tuinman Foresight graphite and digital
Frances Usher Tapestry of Hope Textile/Metal/Acrylic/Free-Standing
Marilyn Walsh Global Thinking cement fondue, granite
Chrissie Wysotski Willing Pastel & coloured pencil
Cindy Xiang Dance of little Roses Ink / rice paper
Tom Yeo Part One – Daily Face mixed media
Alan Yuill The First Rays of Daylight Black & White Print


Parker Bignell Garlic Trio, A Matter of Taste Acrylic
Mateo Contreras Mind Matters Acrylic
Matilda Contreras Creative Force Acrylic paint
April Dejong FREE! Pastel
Sabrina Drouin Apple Tree Acrylic
Zoe Drouin Nature Tree Acrylic
Chase Hadleycrane Simply Me acrylic
Ally Jiang Flamingo watercolour
Emily Li Sleeping Cat watercolour
Jayden Lin Feeling Autumn Watercolour
Joey Lin Orchids Watercolour still life
Storm MacNeil Mind the Plants and People, they matter! drawing
Mariah Perez What is Mind? No Matter. Or What is Mind? Nevermind. Prisma color Pencil Crayon
Jack Petruk Clay Sculptures Plasticine
Kacey Petruk Go Anywhere Cardboard, paint rollers (it is 2 pieces)
Meghan Petruk A Meeting of the Minds Acrylic on canvas board
Chloe Price The Flower of Dreams (not provided)
Lindsay Veerman The Majestic Rainbow Fish Acrylic
Melanie Veerman Dolphin Duet Acrylic paint
Renee Xie Renee’s Starry Night Zuk pen


Ashton Carby Obstruction Mixed media
Rhys Chatterton Northern Lights acrylic
Katie Doyle Amicissimo marker
Caitlin MacLean “Down the Rabbit Hole” Pen & Ink (Artist Pens)
Kaitlynn Marrs Music On My Mind Is What Matters Mixed
Ashley Wong Pepper Study Prismacolours
Adria Wysotski I Remember Acrylic, collage mixed media

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