The Iris Group: Filmic

Opening reception with Iris Group artists
Saturday, May 23 1 pm

The Iris Group is a women’s visual arts collective based in Durham Region. Established in 1996, the Iris Group has exhibited their artwork across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and China. This nine-member exhibition is the inaugural show for the group at Station Gallery.

The original idea behind this exhibition evolved out of conversations about “fridge film”—those chilled canisters of developed and undeveloped 35mm film rolls kept in refrigerators to extend their shelf-life. This notion of preserving image artifacts from the pre-digital age enters into this exhibition, and is further extended to include other ideas around the word “filmic” itself. The adjective can relate to movie cinematography, and inspires dialogue about covers and layers.
The artists included in this show are: Rowena Dykins, Laura M. Hair, Judith A. Mason, Holly McClellan, Mary Ellen McQuay, Margaret Rodgers, Janice Taylor-Prebble, Sally Thurlow and Wendy Wallace.

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