Together We Rise


SG celebrates Black History Month.

This exhibition is a coming together of community artists whose works reflect rich artistic content, tell the story as well as pay tribute and celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians and the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

Featured artists include:
Amira Alamary
Getachew Fantu
Georgia Fullerton
Ian P. Grant
Sheryl Keen
Charmaine Lurch
Sherry Prenevost

The works shall also recognize the works of key artists whose artistic contributions throughout the years have helped in the advancement of Black identity and personal expression.

In commemoration of Black History Month, Station Gallery is pleased to sponsor the Artists to Artists Foundation production, Together We Rise, featuring the work of Amira Alamary, Getachew Fantu, Georgia Fullerton, Ian P. Grant, Sheryl Keen, Charmaine Lurch and Sherry Prenevost. 

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