Wish Them Well

Catherine Lane

Wish Them Well

February 1 –  March 24, 2019

in the Coppa Gallery & Heritage Galleries

Sometimes it’s not what you put in; it’s what you leave out… Catherine Lane’s studio practice focuses on layered, fragmented storytelling that reads between the lines. In her drawings and installations, connections are not definitive, just as conclusions are temporarily suspended.

Wish Them Well is a trilogy that plays out in three galleries. In the Coppa space, the idea of a wish being something that is longed for or desired– can be attainable or unattainable. Deeper in the heritage space, Lane will conjure them—the two William Stones involved in a historic cold case murder tale that clings to the station building. The plot thickens further in the far gallery space, centering around a well. Wish Them Well invites viewers to create unique narratives from drawn and constructed fragments offered by Lane.

Image: Catherine Lane, Well 2, 2012. Ink on 3D paper construction.

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