Find your Perfect Moment

The Station Gallery community and family is abundant with creative spirit! Our current exhibition showcases artworks made by our talented members, and we have been absolutely blown away by the enthusiastic approach they have taken to exploring this year’s theme. Perfect Moment is the 26th annual Members’ Exhibition hosted at Station Gallery, and with over 100 submissions, it is our largest Members’ Exhibition to date!

The show spans each room and corridor available in the gallery and takes us on a journey into the hearts of those around us. With its curious and diverse range of artworks, Perfect Moment offers insightful perspectives on some of the best parts of life.

Alexandre Nahdee, Gaagge, Pane (Forever, Always) Swan, eagle, hawk feathers

The subject matter ranges from serene lakefronts, to cherished loved ones, to colourful abstractions. Each piece seems to offer an intimate glance into the artist’s values and inspirations. Walking through the exhibition space, we feel emotions from playfulness to melancholy, causing us to reflect on the meaningful moments we experience day to day. We are proud to display our members’ perfect moments, and we’re intrigued by the well-rounded view of life we receive from them!

Gretel Boose, Taking it all in, Ceramic

Perfect Moment encapsulates the many variations of the human experience. It displays different lifestyles, experiences, and sights. The works invoke thoughtful reflection on travelling, experiencing new things, and living life to its fullest.

Our members have captured the beauty of simple moments, and together, created a grand collection of inspirational perspectives. We encourage you to join this community experience by visiting the gallery and voting on your favourite piece in the exhibition. Peruse the gallery spaces and vote for who you think should be the People’s Choice prize winner, which will be announced on January 21st! The exhibition runs until January 20th, so find the “perfect moment” to come down and admire the artistic expressions of our community. We hope to see you soon!

Top left – Claire Korol, Reflection City, paint, Bottom left – Michael Jack, Fall Glory, watercolour, Middle – Avril Bull-Jones, Places to go and Plenty to See, Linoleum print, Top right – Julie Lewis, Cape Spear, block print, Bottom right – Shirley Heard, Snorkeling at Akumal, Mexico, mixed media

1. Far left – Ian Bodnaryk, Pay Dirt, acrylic, Middle – Erin Finley, Red Cup, Watercolour, gouache on paper, Far right – Teri Donovan, Reverie, mixed media on mylar

Written by Lucy Villeneuve 

Photography by Aaron Shimkofsky

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