Get Involved with Culture in Durham Region by Kerri King

We’re lucky here in the Durham Region. Arts and culture are thriving in our community right now. There are so many awesome places you can visit and events (often free ones) that you can take part in. Whether you’re a long-time culture lover and supporter or just starting to explore all our community has to offer, there are many ways you can get involved.

If you want to help support arts and culture locally, here are some ideas:

Volunteer at a local museum or art gallery. At Station Gallery, volunteers are one of the main reasons we can offer vibrant cultural experiences – they help keep the gallery humming with activity! It doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment either. You can volunteer a few hours of your time at an event or help bring a family art activity to life.

Check out free arts activities. Station Gallery, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, the Oshawa Museum and many others offer fantastic free programming for people of all ages and abilities. Come by yourself, bring a friend or bring the whole family! Free activities are a great way to explore arts and culture in our community and you might even learn something new.

gallery imageTake an art class or workshop. Even if you think “…but I’m not an artist!” I urge you to re-think that! Art is for everyone – coincidentally that is something Station Gallery strongly believes in – and there are lots of great options in our community.

Buy art from local artists. Go on a studio tour, check out local businesses that sell original art or attend an art show hosted by a group of artists (such as the Oshawa Art Association, Ajax Creative Arts or the PineRidge Arts Council). It’s a great way to meet the artist in person and learn about their creative process too.

Donate! It doesn’t have to be a large donation either. Even a small donation to an art gallery or museum can make a difference. Donations are a vital source of funding for non-profit arts and culture spaces. Station Gallery is always free to explore and donations help make this possible, which in turn keeps art and culture accessible to everyone. It’s a win-win!

Like I said, we’re lucky here. You don’t have to leave home to experience vibrant cultural events, art activities, exhibitions and more!

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