HOLD FAST | Тримай Стрій


8 Kанадсько-Yкраїнських Xудожників

Exhibition Overview

Dates: April 2 to April 30, 2022

Where: Coppa Gallery and Jill Dyall Community Gallery

Curatorial Walk-through: Thursday, April 28, 7:00 PM Click here to join Facebook Event

Closing reception and artist talk: Saturday, April 30, 1pm to 4pm


Featuring the art work of:

Robert Achtemichuk 

Edward Burtynsky

Natalka Husar

William Kurelek

Natalia Laluq

Olia Mishchenko

Varvara Nedilska

Nadiya Svirsky


Тримай Стрій  | 8 Українсько-Канадські Художники


Роберт Ахтемичук

Едуард Буртинський

Наталка Гусар

Василь Курилик

Наталія Лялюк

Оля Міщенко

Варвара Недільська

Надія Свірська

This group exhibition celebrates the vitality and resilience of the Ukrainian cultural character in Canada. Here are eight artists who have travelled different routes, yet share the same root. This root is Ukraine. Their ancestors built a free national spirit. A war not seen in over eighty years is once again attempting to extinguish that life-force. With their all-out assault, Russians are deliberately killing civilians and targeting or plundering Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage.

It is time to re-evaluate and survey the contributions of Canadian artists of Ukrainian descent. This experience has been formed and shaped by successive waves of immigration to Canada. Here is the acquisition of that experience. Drawing on more than one cultural repertoire, all eight artist in this exhibition engage in a cross-cultural dialogue filled with delicacy, grace and astonishing beauty. This exhibition is many things: it is a site of dialogue, a prompt to remember or perhaps to cry. Most of all this is a prayer for Ukraine’s swift triumph and recovery in peace.


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In response to the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, Station Gallery pivoted to create a group show with eight Canadian-Ukrainian Artists titled Hold Fast.


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The Hold Fast group exhibition celebrates the vitality and resilience of the Ukrainian cultural character in Canada.


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