How long does it take to pack up 216 Beavers?

How long does it take to pack up 216 Beavers?

It’s take-down time here at SG, as we prepare for our upcoming 26th Annual Member’s Exhibition: Perfect Moment.

Today, SG Curator Olex and Facility Services Coordinator Chuck begin to take down Frank Shebageget’s 216 carved basswood DeHavilland Beavers, from our past exhibition: Beaver Tales. How long do you think it took to take down? A week? A few days? This installation, which appears to most people as a day and a half task to disassemble, actually took just a couple of hours.


Along with admiring this art installation, we also appreciate the creative planning that went into building a system for a seamless execution. Ottawa-based artist, Frank Shebageget designed a system that makes his installation simple to take apart; by having several model float planes on the same set of strings, with the ability to slide down and collapse on top of one another. With special care, these Beaver aircraft are then packed up in boxes complete with triangular compartments and will soon be ready to exit the gallery.

Join us on Wednesday, December 19th at 7pm for the Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony of our 26th Annual Member’s Exhibition. This ever-popular, year-end show inspires our creative membership to create a submission based on a given theme. This year’s theme, “Perfect Moment” is an open-ended and versatile theme that’s sure to ignite diverse, thoughtful responses. We hope to see you there!


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