Intro to Acrylic Painting with Ian Bodnaryk

Acrylic painting is a beautiful medium that can be used in a variety of ways. Artists often use acrylic paints to create remarkably realistic paintings that imitate the natural world. However, experimenting with a new medium can be intimidating for many artists to approach without professional guidance. 

Fear no more! Ian Bodnaryk’s winter workshop, Intro to Acrylic Painting, is here to help take away the stress of working with a new medium and to enjoy all that acrylic painting has to offer. This four hour workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of this medium to create beautiful acrylic masterpieces of your own.

You’ll be in great hands with artist instructor, Ian Bodnaryk, who is well-known for his highly realistic paintings. Bodnaryk’s extensive knowledge and experience of acrylic painting will help students understand how to effectively work with this dynamic medium. You will learn all about surface preparation, material choices, colour mixing, paint application, brushwork, and so much more! He will also share his deep understanding of the principles of design, colour harmony, and how to create the illusion of texture and form.

Whether it is your first time working with acrylics, or your 20th, this class will help any painter who’s looking to expand their knowledge on acrylic painting techniques to create both beautiful and realistic paintings.

Join us on Sunday, February 16 from 12:00-4:00pm, for the Intro to Acrylic Painting workshop that includes instructor demos, individual practice, and one-on-one guidance. (No previous experience necessary. 16+) Register Today!

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