Meet Our Co-Op Student: Ashlyn

By Ashlyn M.

Overall, my experience as a co-op student at SG has been very positive and exciting. Station Gallery was one of my first picks for my co-op placement because when I was in grade 6 I came here for a school trip and had such a fun time learning and creating art. Station Gallery has an excellent group of staff members that are all very nice and welcoming. The building itself is also an inviting and creative environment.

So far, my co-op placement has been really fun and I am learning many new skills. I have always struggled with good people skills and communication skills, but my placement here has helped me to become more confident when talking to other people, especially adults. During my first couple of days here, I was nervous to talk to anyone, but as I spend more time here and get to know people better, I’ve noticed how much easier it has become for me to communicate.

Helping in our school program classes has been enjoyable and rewarding for me to see the kids having fun and creating their own artwork that they can feel pride in when they’re done. I am excited to help with more classes as my experience at Station Gallery continues.

I think being a co-op student at Station Gallery is an amazing experience for me because I get to see the day-to-day operations of the gallery and what it takes to plan all the classes and events. Spending my co-op placement at Station Gallery has helped me navigate my plan for the future and I’ve realized that my career goal is definitely to do something creative and in the arts.

My time so far as a co-op student at Station Gallery has been an enjoyable and positive experience, I’m excited to continue coming here every day during the week to learn new skills and help with a variety of projects.

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