Meet Our Co-Op Student: Lexie

By Lexie B.

Thinking about what I want to do after high school has always been intimidating to me. A lot ‘typical’   jobs didn’t have much appeal to me, and even though I know that there are more opportunities than just being a doctor or a lawyer., I always struggled with the thought of choosing a career and basing my education and life around a job that I don’t even know with certainty that I’ll like.

Despite all this confusion, there was one field that always interested me- the arts. I’ve always had a love for visual arts, music, and theatre. As a classical guitar player, a visual and dramatic arts student, and an actress, it’s obvious that I love creating and being an artist, and seeing what other artists are able to accomplish and create has always inspired me.

So, how can I take my love of arts, and turn it into a career for myself? My goal isn’t to be a famous painter or a movie star, but what other opportunities are there for people like me to have a career involving the arts?

With course selections, university tours, and a lot of big decisions coming up, I thought that it was finally time for me to look into arts-related careers.  My placement at Station Gallery has given me a lot more insight into what I could do in the future. I’ve had the opportunity to meet different staff members and learn about what they do on a daily basis. It turns out that there are a lot of different job opportunities involving the arts. Whether it’s organizing community events, planning lessons, working at the front desk, or teaching and presenting, the Station Gallery staff all seem to love what they do. It was so comforting to learn about all these different opportunities.

I also found myself surprised by my interests, and how much I enjoyed certain aspects of my placement. On my first day, I met a group of artist instructors. They were in one of the studios trying to plan a new project. Listening to them work and brainstorm together was really intriguing to me. When they have to work in the curriculum, class sizes, ages, and a bunch of other factors, a lot of thought and planning needs to be put into each and every class taught at the gallery. Watching their process made me think about the possibility of teaching in my future.

Even though I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with my future, Station Gallery and my co-op here has really helped me understand my options.

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