Meet Our Co-Op Students: Kaeli

By Kaeli Ibson

Hi! My name is Kaeli and I am one of the co-op students that love to help out at Station Gallery. I chose Station Gallery for my co-op placement because of the creative environment and kind individuals at work. My most favorite thing to help with at the gallery is assisting in the amazing art classes. When I’m not at the gallery, I love to draw and create my own worlds full of different characters and plan to make my dreams come true by becoming a freelance artist.

My incredible opportunity to become a co-op student for Station Gallery has most definitely made my school year immensely more enjoyable. I love helping out in every single school education program, whether that’s Places and Spaces, Arts Infused, or Talk About Texture. Each program is taught wonderfully by the art instructors at Station Gallery and every kid has fun -including me.

Being a co-op student here has also given me the opportunity to apply for summer jobs as a summer camp counselor at art camps, which is something I wouldn’t have even considered before. This co-op has helped me personally in many ways as well. I was absolutely terrified to get a job because my first one went horribly. I made the decision to try a co-operative education placement in art, since art is something I love very much.

In the end this placement helped me realize that jobs don’t have to be horrible- that they can be fun and your co-workers can be kind. I’m so glad I chose Station Gallery as my co-op placement and I truly wish my time here was longer because I’ll really miss seeing everyone.

Kaeli will be graduating this year from high school and will be attending OCAD for Drawing and Painting. Kaeli has had her work featured in Art Attack in 2018 and 2019 at Station Gallery and at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

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