Meet Our Co-Op Students: Laura

By Laura Driscoll

During my experience as a co-op student at Station Gallery this semester, I was able to learn about all the amazing things they do here, but I was also able to learn more about myself.  As a passionate art student, I have been looking to find a place where I felt a sense of belonging.  After doing a placement at Station Gallery, I now feel I am a step closer to where I want to be going in life.  My placement here was able to bring out the real me that I feel is sometimes hidden away, due to the lack of passion and connection I feel at high school.   With the help of some truly enlightening souls here at Station Gallery, I was able to crack away at that wall in front of me and discover of a world filled with opportunity.

My supervisor Ally showed me comfort, stability, introduced me to new concepts, and taught me to always seek new opportunities, where ever I may be. Natasha taught me how to build a close and positive relationship with an authority figure at a work placement. Our CEO, Kerri King, showed me that although being eternally busy, it is more than possible for one powerful woman to lead an organization with absolute passion whilst bringing sunshine and positivity through every new door she enters. Our Curator, Olex, was a fabulous voice of inspiration, enlightening me with various topics relating to art from the past and present at his Art Talks.  Aaron and Chris brought comedy, as well as structure and knowledge to my placement. Art instructors, Rola and Kerry, taught me to always be confident within myself, all art is true art, and it does not matter the makeup of the creator.  The students I assisted in classes taught me patience and exploration.  

My days here were constantly filled with a new challenge or task. Ally was always eager to present me with new opportunities to grow and learn, by allowing me to participate and assist with running events, such as the SG Night Market, as well as giving me the chance to run engagement activities on social media, such as my weekly Trivia Thursday on Instagram. The opportunities I received here were a fabulous way for me to engage deeper into the arts & culture community, as well as become more aware of all the opportunities around me grow and continue to work towards success in the future. 

Station Gallery has become a home to me, and the people within it, a family.  I wish my time here could be longer, but the lasting effect this placement has had on me I know will never come to an end.  My journey to stay connected with myself and the arts will continue, as I move to graduate with a Specialist High Skills Major on my diploma for the arts in January 2020, and I will go on to study fine arts in the fall. I know I will one day find my place in this world, all with the help and guidance of those I have met here at Station Gallery. 

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