Lesson Overview

Instructor(s): Randy Hryhorczuk

Date(s): Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Time(s): 7:00 - 9:00pm

A 'take the mystery out of...' workshop designed to explain and walk through steps involved in starting and working on an oil painting. This entry level workshop will cover: materials; choosing and preparing a surface; basic drawing transfer techniques; an overview of the layer painting process; studio safety. 

Note: This is not a painting class, as much as it is a guide to get started with some of the more complex questions answered before beginning. Hands-on will include preparing a pre-gesso'd surface, through to the point of painting the first layer of an illustration.

Suggested Materials List:

  • Paint Titanium White 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Raw Umber 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Paynes Gray 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Red or Orange 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Cad Yellow Pale Hue 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Cad Deep Red Hue 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Phthalo Blue 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Cerulean Blue 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Cobalt Blue 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Ivory Black 37ml (or larger) 

  • Paint Additional Colours of Your Choice /Needs



  • Canvas board /stretched canvas /wood panel*best to start small -but not tiny min 12x12 max 16x16 *or similar depending on preference and/or reference image (rectangular ok)

  • Gesso (if surface is unprimed) *available at Curry's

  • Brush (synthetic) Round 4 

  • Brush (synthetic) Flat, Filbert orBright 2 

  • Brush (synthetic) Flat, Filbert or

  • Bright 4 

  • Brush (synthetic) Flat 6 

  • Brush (synthetic) Flat 10 


For Oil Painters:

  • M. Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium 4oz 

  • Linseed or Walnut Oil 4oz 

For Acrylic Painters:

  • Acrylic Retarder 250ml 


  • Reference photo or drawing

  • Pencil

  • Rag(s) for cleanup

  • Pallet knife:

  • Long rounded for mixing paint

  • Additional knives of your choosing for use as painting tool

  • Pallet:

  • Pallet of your choice (recommend acrylic or wood -but glass is incredible)

  • Cups/containers

  • Clean yogurt cups acceptable

  • Jars (x3) with screw top lid

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