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Facing the Camera

Facing the Camera

Rosalie Favell
Facing the Camera
Opening reception: Saturday, June 2 at 1PM

“The series I call Facing the Camera is the start of a large document of Aboriginal artists. I am very aware of Aboriginal peoples’ very problematic relationship with photography, and how much they have quite rightly viewed the medium with suspicion. The legacy is one of subjugation where the “camera was another weapon in the wars of domination.” Nonetheless, I have received enormous support from my fellow Aboriginal artists.

The impetus for the series derived from my realization that a document had not been made of individuals who make up the Aboriginal arts community. I have liked taking portraits of people, and that coupled with the opportunity of going to a Banff residency in 2008 and seeing all these artists together as a group, made me want to embark upon this documentary project. I have continued to photograph artists in different cities in an attempt to give as much representation to my community as possible.

I use the portrait convention to acknowledge the agency of the individual in bringing together in a conscious and unconscious way, the numerous cultural and personal factors through which the sense of self is expressed. This idea applies to me taking pictures of myself, and others, who stand before my camera, seeing their selves revealed in the photograph.” – Rosalie Favell

Rosalie Favell is a photo-based artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba who draws inspiration from her family history and Métis (Cree, English) heritage.

Without Reservations: Contemplations of a First Nation Canadian

Without Reservations: Contemplations of a First Nation Canadian

Gerald Wayne McLeod
Without Reservations: Contemplations of a First Nation Canadian
Opening reception: Saturday, June 2 at 1PM

Artist, educator and docent Gerald Wayne McLeod originates from the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation located on the picturesque shores of Georgian Bay. The artist writes: “The relationship between artist and viewer is in itself an impersonal one. But it is the artwork and its impact on the spectator that creates an intimate, shared experience.” McLeod’s varied material approach elicits a resonance with views. He shares a glimpse into inner visions, articulating a silent speech from the heart.

Put a Bird on It!

Put a Bird on It!

Opening reception: Saturday, June 2 at 1PM

For feathered fun—the next permanent collection exhibition takes its cue from a popular phrase exclaimed when adorning an avian creature on any “crafty” or “thrifted” item so as to make it totally adorable and artistic. With this ornithological themed exhibition, we’ll see how many SG collected printmakers and artists decided to… put a bird on it!

Image: Rudolph Bikkers, Frenzied Fowl, 1978.

Callum Donovan-Grujicich in the artCube

Whitby’s very own son, Callum Donovan-Grujicich, has been awarded a gold medal at the international Scholastic Art & Writing Award for his work!  At a young age, Callum came to the attention of many with his quirky and fantastical figurines.

This 13 year old regularly takes classes at SG, and won the top children’s award at the Secret World juried show. Callum’s creations share an affinity with the whimsical stylings of Tim Burton. His exquisitely-crafted characters are absolutely breath-taking and meticulous.

Callum will be honoured by Mayor of Whitby, Don Mitchell and Town Council on Monday, June 25 at 7PM.

Congrats, Callum!

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The exhibition schedule for 2017 is in place and we are currently booking into 2018/19.

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