Permanent Collection

  • Jan-Winton-Red-Sea
    Jan Winton – Red Sea

  • Kakulu-Saggiaktok-Migrating-Fish
    Kakulu Saggiaktok – Migrating Fish

  • Rita-Letendre-Romir
    Rita Letendre РRomir

  • Otis-Tamasauskas-Whitby-Memory-with-Artemesia
    Otis Tamasauskas Whitby Memory with Artemesia

  • Robert Houle - Collage Auto Portrait I
    Robert Houle – Collage Auto Portrait I

Today, the gallery’s Permanent Collection exceeds 300 original prints, paintings, sculpture, and mixed media works. Additionally, several permanent installational pieces were commissioned for the newly built facility into which Station Gallery moved in 2006.
The digitization of Station Gallery’s Permanent Collection has been generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Click each of the artists names below to get an inside look at the artist, their artwork and a few fun facts about the process and fun curriculum links.

Anne Meredith Barry (PDF)
David Blackwood (PDF)
Robert Houle (PDF)
Hagop Khoubessarian (PDF)
Kim Ondaatje (PDF)
Mary Pudlat (PDF)
Kakulu Saggiaktok (PDF)
Arnold Shives (PDF)
Otis Tamasauskas (PDF)
Todd Tremeer (PDF)

What’s in the collection?

Station Gallery’s Permanent Collection was initiated in 1980 with gifts from numerous Ontario artists associated with the gallery and with Open Studio, a prominent Toronto printmaking facility. The original intention was to create a commemorative print collection in memory of the late Nicholas Novak, a gifted artist who had been strongly associated with both institutions.

  • Jan-Winton-Red-Sea

    Includes etching, collagraph and aquatint.

  • Kakulu-Saggiaktok-Migrating-Fish

    Includes woodcut, linocut, linoblock, chine colle and wood engraving.

  • Rita-Letendre-Romir

    From the Greek lithos meaning stone and graphic meaning drawing.

  • Otis-Tamasauskas-Whitby-Memory-with-Artemesia

    Screen-printing, also called serigraphy, is deceptively simple.

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