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One with Everything

One with Everything

25th Annual Members’ Exhibition: One with Everything

December 16, 2017 – January 21, 2018

Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony: Thursday, December 21 at 7pm

For the silver anniversary of the SG annual juried show, contemplate your place in the world and connect internal artistic energies with all that surrounds. This ever-popular, year-end show inspires our creative membership to create a submission based on a given theme. “One with Everything” is an open-ended and versatile theme that’s sure to ignite diverse, thoughtful responses. One with Everything, think of the connections that are ever-present, everywhere…

The chosen artists include:

Beverley C. Allen
Aaron Ashton
Marni Bachuk
Aldo Barba
Marjatta Beasley
Leslie Beauchamp
Shree Bellur
Xavier Berrios
Peter Bherer
Nesrin Blair
Ilija Blanusa
Ian Bodnaryk
Gretel Boose
Carmel Brennan
TJ Brown
Linda Browne
Barbara Buntin
Chas Burke
Malcolm Campbell
John Carnie
Nancy Chalut
Clarrie Chu
Tim Colleran
Chris Côté
Sarah Cowley
Sally Cudlip
Colleen Cugini
David Cumming
Jay Dart
Elsa Dart
Jack Dashper
Isabelle Dashper
John di Leonardo
Iwona Dufaj
Sabrina Ebenreth
Holly Edwards
Robert Epping
Gary Faulkner
Emily Fortner
Georgia Fullerton
Gail George
Ian P. Grant
Lauren Greenidge
Ruth Greenlaw
Annemarie Greenwood
Gary Greenwood
Anastasia Hare
Judy Harper
Shirley Heard
Janda Hellas
Angela Hennessey
Michelle Hodgson
Kelly Hu
Jasmine Hum
Diane E. Huson
Rola Jaber
Michael Jack
Carolyn Joore
Loretta Kaltenhauser
Natalie Kauffman
Kati Kirke-Louie
Melissa Kitchen
Marina Korol
Kate Korol
Bert Kortekaas
John Krasinski
Nicole Lahay
Kaitlin Lee
Susan Lindo
Robert Louie
Maureen Lowry
Beth MacDonald
John MacLean
Audrey MacLean
Carin Makuz
Geroge Marlow
Jay McCarten
Jamie McFarlane
Don McLeod
Sue Miller
Colin James Mitchell
Maya Molhotra
Francis Muscat
Alexandre Nahdee
Natalie Najib
Tanya Najib
Stephane Najib
Rita Naras
Christl Niemuller
Rob Niezen
Matthew Noakes
Megan Nowick
Allan O’Marra
Valery Orlovtseva
Jo Oxley
Tanya Petruk
Diane Phaneuf
Monique Ra Brent
Simon Raskina
Laura Recalla
Gordon Reidt
Sandy Robertson
Eric Rosser
Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Hans Schuster
Christopher Scott
Summi Siddiqui
Marlene Siomra
Magdalena Slabosz
Sue Slocum
Erika Takacs
Teresa Tang
Jasper Thompson
Darryl Thorogood
Zach Tuinman
Madeline Urquhart
Frances Usher
Marilyn Walsh
Dale Wheeler
Nancy White
Nadine Wyczolkowski
Leszek Wyczolkowski
Lynn Wyczolkowski
Barbara Zents


Thank you to our exhibition supporter:

Sheryl A. Keen – State of Mind: Remixing & Deconstructing Beliefs

Sheryl A. Keen – State of Mind: Remixing & Deconstructing Beliefs

State of Mind: Remixing & Deconstructing Beliefs

January 27 – March 18, 2018

in the Jill Dyall Community Gallery

Opening reception: Thursday, February 1 at 7PM


Sheryl A. Keen is a writer and artist whose materially-rich visual art promotes the advancement of Black identity and a searching quest for personal expression. Keen’s vibrant, highly-modelled surfaces explore themes of strength and resilience; the beauty and grace of women.

Merging figurative and abstract elements, the artist states: “Since much of my art is 3D, I use colour to make the art come alive. The work of art seems to become a living, breathing thing—art personified.”

Keen earned a Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in English Literature from the University of the West Indies.

Image: Can’t See The Forest For The Trees, detail

Gillian Iles: a short trip to the infinite

Gillian Iles: a short trip to the infinite

Gillian Iles: a short trip to the infinite

January 27 – March 18, 2018

in the Coppa Gallery and Anne Sims Heritage Gallery

Opening reception: Thursday, February 1 at 7PM


Gillian Iles assembles three sequential installations that combine painting, sculpture and constructions. Through this environment, her narrative follows a group of young protagonists faced with self-awareness and realization of their own potential. Iles’s trilogy portrays the primal impulse for generational shifts and challenges to accepted ideals, as well as the establishment’s prerogative to remain intact.

Akin to Eden, this environment combines primal desire, threat, reward and peril. Through this immersive experience—together with the artist and her characters—we embark on a journey of endless possibilities filled with discovery and transformation.

We found ourselves within a dark forest
Installation included suspended and wall mounted paintings on stretched canvas & Mylar sheets, figurative freestanding forms (painting & digital photograph print), and projection combined with 2 Mylar paintings, 2015, detail

Cool Idea?
We Want to Hear About it!

Interested in submitting an exhibition proposal?
Like most public art galleries, Station Gallery accepts unsolicited proposals by mail.

A standard package should include:

  • a covering letter addressed to SG Curator, Olexander Wlasenko
  • a specific written proposal for an exhibition and a statement of why you’d like to display at SG
  • slides or a CD of electronic images (about 10-15)
  • image list detailing titles, media, dimensions and dates
  • a cv or resume detailing artistic accomplishments (exhibitions, grants, reviews, etc.)
  • a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of materials

Whitby Station Gallery Floor Plan

Mail proposal to:

Curator, Olexander Wlasenko
Station Gallery
1450 Henry Street
Whitby, Ontario
L1N 0A8

The exhibition schedule for 2017 is in place and we are currently booking into 2018/19.
A response to the proposal package will take between 4 to 6 months.

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