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Connect your students with art in an authentic and meaningful way. At Station Gallery, our approach is hands-on, engaging, and cross-curricular; whether you come to us or we come to you.

With an emphasis on materials exploration, process-based learning, inquiry-based knowledge acquisition, and a student-centred approach, each visit with our professional artist educators are enriching and engaging. Our goal is to create a lasting impression and inspire an authentic learning experience that extends well beyond the gallery walls.

Station Gallery is pleased to offer a variety of gallery and outreach programs that link to your curriculum needs and provide fantastic opportunities for students to create their own art inspired by the exhibitions.

smART Gallery Workshops

Grades K – 12

We explore our permanent and touring exhibits to offer in-depth opportunities for students to connect with artworks in a gallery setting.

Each program is based on a thematic exploration of artwork and enhances inquiry-based and critical thinking skills, inter-disciplinary approaches to learning, and vocabulary and skill development through a variety of creative, interactive exercises. Additionally, many of our programs are connected to STEM where indicated.

All of our smART tours are cross-curricular.

Choose from half day tours or a full day for truly immersive gallery and studio time.

Available Tuesdays through Fridays during the school year.

Times can be flexible to suit your needs. Please give advance notice if you need to change the arrival or departure time.

smART HALF DAY PROGRAMS – 2hrs 15min
$10 per student (incl. HST)

Morning sessions: 9:00am – 11:15am  
Afternoon sessions: 12:00pm – 2:15pm

Half day in the gallery, half day in the studios. – 
$15 per student (incl. HST)

9:30 Arrival, 2:15 Departure (incl. on-site 1/2 hour lunch break)

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Arts Infused

Grades 4-8

This well-established gallery and studio day is offered for grades 4-8 for a limited time, twice a year on featured exhibitions. The Arts Infused programming strives to have students probe deep questions and uncover meaning while integrating arts based practices and materials exploration into their projects.

$15 per student

Full Day

9:30am arrival, 2:15pm departure and includes 1/2 hour lunch break.

DDSB schools have a special $10 per student rate thanks to the Durham District School Board, and are also entitled to claim $60 towards bussing cost.

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On The GO Workshops


Grades 4 to 8

Why not have our Permanent Collection smART workshop come to you!

Station Gallery brings original artwork and all the supplies for an art-making activity right in your classroom!

Myth Making

In this workshop students develop their critical and literacy skills by exploring myths and legends from First Nations and Inuit Culture. Exploring artwork from Station Gallery’s Permanent Collection, students work collaboratively to develop their own myth culminating in an individual piece of art which combines symbols, text and printmaking techniques.

Cost: $15 per student, min 22 students. Save on bussing, have us come to you!



Is a trip to the SG gallery just a little too far? Looking for enhanced art lessons delivered in your own classroom? Studio on the Go is the way to go!

Choose from three different technique based visual art lessons – drawing, painting or sculpture, that are STEM connected and use Canadian artists as the inspiration for the lessons.

Comic Life in the Classroom

Watercolour Landscapes: Imagining Ontario

• Animal Sculptures: Explore the symbolism of Canadian animals

Cost: $15 per student, min 22 students. Save on bussing, have us come to you!

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Payment Methods
Full payment is due on or before the day of your visit. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, cash, debit or cheques made payable to Station Gallery

Cancellation Policy
A 20% cancellation fee will be charged if it is made less than 14 business days before contracted date.

Minimum charge: $200 for half-day and $330 for full-day. Minimum class size of 22. Maximum class size of 30 participants.

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2019 / 2020 School Programs Brochure is now available

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Thank you to Whitby Hydro for supporting our Formal Education

Thank you to Crayola® for being a SG Formal education partner.

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Make the most from your time with SG by using these post-visit resources: (pdf forms)
Student Reflections
Evaluation Rubrics – Grade 1 – 3
Evaluation Rubrics – Grades 4 +
Evaluation Rubrics – Teachers

School program FAQ

You’ve got questions and we have the answers right here in our FAQ.

• A focus on the diverse needs of all students. Programs are tailored to address a variety of learning styles and ages, and are designed to complement the Ontario Curriculum in the areas of Fine Arts and Language Arts. All are cross-curricular in approach and wherever possible cross-cultural.

• A wide range of online Teacher Resources available to complement each program, including information about the current exhibitions and programs, pre- and post-visit activities for interaction in the classroom, and links to the curriculum for a value added visit.

• A focus on creativity in education in the 21st Century, visual thinking skills and strategies to interpret and interact with art in a variety of ways. Studio and gallery experiences encourage individual and group planning, problem identification and critical inquiry, collaboration and reflection, with a focus on the conceptual and technical processes of different art-making practices.

• Educators that are thoroughly trained on exhibitions and have backgrounds in education, art history, and art-making. Educators are trained to work with students to create innovative and imaginative work with a focus on play and experimentation.

• A focus on the integration of art education as a cross-curricular vehicle that effectively engages students in all areas of study, helping to raise student achievement.

• Station Gallery’s formal education programs are available Tuesdays through Fridays during the school year.

• Minimum charge for 22 students.
Maximum class size of 60 (2 classes).

• Please note, a cancellation fee applies less than two weeks before booked session.

• Our timing is flexible if you are coming for the day.

• Explore what we have to offer through the links below. To sign up or to get more details, please email us.

Payment Methods: Full payment is due on or before the day of your visit. We accept VISA, Mastercard, cash, debit or cheques (payable to Station Gallery).
For more information please download our School Programs Brochure

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