Exhibition Overview

Dates: July 22 – August 14, 2021

Gallery: Jill Dyall Community Gallery

Mirjana “Mikki” Simeunovich has been documenting Canada’s music scene since the early eighties. She has an eye for catching the moment during live performances, but when the pandemic put a hold on music concerts and rock shows she turned to documenting a more intimate side of musicians’ and artists’ lives.


Mikki began wondering: “where are the other creative people and what are people doing with the extra time on their hands?” The photographer kept an opened-mind and reached out to several individuals. She continues:  “so, I started to ask around and got some interesting answers. As time went on people would try to play within the rules.” This photographic series of thirty images captures these creative negotiations as moments in time.




George Crotty


Mello Honey