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Why not have our Permanent Collection smART workshop come to you!

Station Gallery brings original artwork and all the supplies for an art-making activity right in your classroom!

Cost: $15 per student, min 22 students. Save on bussing, have us come to you!

Myth Making

Grades 4 – 8
Half-day only

How is a story created? In this workshop, students develop their critical and literacy skills by exploring myths and legends from First Nations and Inuit Culture. Exploring artwork from Station Gallery’s permanent collection, students work collaboratively to develop their own myth culminating in an individual piece of art which combines symbols, text and printmaking techniques.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts; elements and principles of design, Media Literacy, FNMI, Social Studies

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Is a trip to the SG gallery just a little too far? Looking for enhanced art lessons delivered in your own classroom? Studio on the Go is the way to go!

Choose from three different technique based visual art lessons – drawing, painting or sculpture, that are STEM connected and use Canadian artists as the inspiration for the lessons.

New! Comic Life in the Classroom

Grades 5 – 8
Half-day only

Comics can be a great way of exploring various educational topics, as well as a fun way to create and tell visual stories. If you’ve ever wanted to bring the joy of making comics into the classroom, but didn’t know where to start, the Comic Life workshop is a great way to learn the basics of comic book creation through all its stages. This workshop is a brief but comprehensive look into the art of making comics on their own, or it can be used as the foundation for later projects outside the workshop using this program as an informative foundation. Through concept art, storyboarding, penciling, and inking, students are shown all of the steps that professionals use to take their ideas from a concept to a finished product.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Drama.

STEM connections: Math (shape, spatial sense).

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Watercolour Landscapes:
Imagining Ontario

Grades 3 – 8
Half-day only

Our Artist Educator brings your class on a virtual tour of Ontario’s landscapes prior to significant development and industrialization. Students will learn watercolour techniques and create a landscape based on an area perhaps familiar to them now, but imaging the land and what it may have been like a long time ago. In the first hour, students experiment with a variety of watercolour techniques, including wet on wet, resist, and creating textures using materials that could be found at home. Students then apply these techniques to create a landscape based on a local geographic region that has changed.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts; elements and principles of design, Social Studies, History, FMNI, Canadian Geography.
STEM connections: Science (material reactions), Math (rule of thirds).

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Animal Sculptures: Inspired by the Ojibwae 7 Grandfather Teachings

Grades K – 8
Half-day only

Many First Nations organizations and communities have adapted The Seven Grandfather Teachings for their guiding principles of how to treat others. In the Ojibway tradition of passing oral stories from generation to generation, a different animal represents each of the attributes, those being truth, wisdom, honesty, love, humility, bravery, and respect. Students will connect and identify to their character animal trait based on the one which resonates with them. There are different studio components depending on grade level:

Gr 1-3: Students create an animal mosaic tile of one of the 7 grandfather animals. Using Crayola air dry clay, they will embed found objects into the clay and experiment with clay building techniques.

Gr 4-8: Using Crayola air dry clay, they will explore traditional clay building techniques and create a sculpture of one of the 7 grandfather animals.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts, Media Literacy, FNMI, Social Studies
STEM connections: Science (clay material), Engineering (building techniques), Math (Geometry and spatial sense).

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