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smART Gallery Workshops
Grades K-12

We explore our permanent and touring exhibits to offer in-depth opportunities for students to connect with artworks in a gallery setting.

Each program is based on a thematic exploration of artwork and enhances inquiry-based and critical thinking skills, inter-disciplinary approaches to learning, and vocabulary and skill development through a variety of creative, interactive exercises. Additionally, many of our programs are connected to STEM where indicated.
All our smART tours are cross curricular.

Programs Available for the 2019 – 2020 School Year

Choose from half-day tours or a full-day session with extra gallery and studio time. We can accommodate two classes at once if the same session is booked for both classes..

Available Tuesdays through Fridays during the school year.

Minimum class size of 22; maximum class size of 30 students

Times can be flexible to suit your needs. Please give advance notice if you need to change the arrival or departure time.

smART HALF DAY PROGRAMS – 2hrs 30min
$10 per student (incl. HST)

Morning sessions: 9:00am – 11:30am
Afternoon sessions: 12:00pm – 2:30pm

1/2 DAY IN GALLERY, 1/2 DAY IN STUDIOS – $15 per student (incl. HST)

9:30 Arrival, 2:30 Departure (incl. on-site 1/2 hour lunch break)

Minimum charge: $200
Minimum class size of 22 per group. Maximum class size of 30 students per group.

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To ask about or book your school visit, call 905.668.4185 or email us

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you said…

Our Grade 1 / 2 class absolutely loved learning about texture and how to describe it. They had so much fun applying what they learned when working with the clay. Their masks turned out so well! I would definitely bring another class to this workshop.
The session was outstanding, in my 24 years of teaching this was by far the best educational experience I have had on a field trip. We will be back next year!
nature nurture

Paint, Print, Explore

Grades K – 2
Half-day only – includes studio time


The natural environment has been depicted in art since the first cave paintings. In our nature themed workshop, students will explore through touch, sound and sight in a playful and supportive atmosphere to better learn and depict nature through art. Activities include object handling, shared learning, music, poetry and drama.

In the studio, students will explore texture and line in nature by creating a triptych; each panel created using a different technique. Students will create gelli nature prints, and explore drawing, printing inks, and watercolour techniques. Featuring seasonal materials used in art-making.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts; elements and principles of design, Language arts, Drama, Social Studies.

STEM connection: Math (shape, form), Science (biodiversity).


ready set art

Media Art Masterpieces

Grades 1 – 3
Half-day – includes studio time


Exploring the basics of art making, students play with colour, composition, shape and expressive use of line. Through interactive gallery activities, students make meaning out of the artworks to better understand how artists communicate their messages and make personal connections to fully engage their visual literacy skills.

In the studio, students use their observational skills and complete a piece of art to demonstrate their understanding of visual art concepts including perspective (foreground, middle, and background), patterning and texture. Students will create a still life featuring multiple objects while exploring these basic concepts, (blending, overlapping and layering to create shape and form) using drawing and painting techniques.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts; Elements and Principles of Design (form, shape, line, variety, harmony), Language Arts, Fine Arts, Math.

STEM connection: Math (shape, form), Science (substances).

talk about texture

Wild Life, Wild Art

Grades K – 3
Half-day – includes studio time


Looking at our environment through an array of different shapes and textures, students touch, talk and feel their way through the artworks. In the gallery, students participate in hands-on activities and make personal connections to the art, building their collaborative and visual literacy skills. Students explore how artists use line, colour, and shape, as well as techniques to convey the surface of things, or to create mood, emotion and expression.

In the studio, students create their own textured animal and habitat based on their explorations of surfaces and themes using various mark-making techniques and applications.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts: Elements and Principles of Design; Language arts; Fine Arts; Drama; Social Studies.
STEM connection: Math (shape, form), Science (substances), Engineering (structures), Technology (tools).

Places and Spaces: Pushing the limits of Landscape Art

Grades 4 – 8
Full day


In this workshop, landscape art is explored in a way that goes beyond just physical space. Investigating pieces from our Permanent Collection, students’ understanding of the value of public and private spaces is taken to new levels – both figuratively and literally – as they map out experiences of place and space. The basic elements of landscape art including foreground, middle and background are covered, emphasized by the personal connections each student brings to their piece.

In the studio, students work with a variety of materials to build their own landscape with a 3D component, based on a place/space that is important to them.

Curriculum connections: Language Arts, Visual Arts; Elements and Principles of Design, Social Studies, Geography.

STEM connection: Math (perspective),Engineering (structures), Technology (iPad).

Connecting Cultures:
Exploring our Canadian Identity

Grades 4 – 8
Full or half day


Investigating the many sides of culture, this program invites students to explore the meaning of “Canadian culture” and identify their own cultural narrative. This investigative process will inspire the inquiry process in the galleries, where students will discuss and attempt to define such a broad subject matter, on both a societal level and a personal one. Students will use a variety of creative processes in the studio to create an accordion book offering an opportunity to share their cultural story using techniques including: relief printing*, photo transfers, collage, and illustration.

*Note: Printmaking option is only available for the
full day program.

visual literacy

Pop Art: The fusion of Contemporary art and art from the 50’s and 60’s

Grades 9 – 12
Full day


Examining pieces from our Permanent Collection which are inspired by the era of Pop Art, students will be led through activities and group discussions to help uncover the key concepts of that period and how many of them still apply today. What would Pop Art look like today? What are the symbols, cultural icons and personalities that could be featured and why?

In the studio, students create their own Pop Art print inspired by their generation’s pop culture. They will demonstrate their knowledge of principles and elements of design by creating a composition that offers their artistic take on this fascinating and exciting subject.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts, Media Language Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social history.


visual literacy

Figure Drawing

Grades 9 – 12
Full* or half day


Learning to draw the human form is essential for any serious art student. In this workshop, students will be drawing from a live model (clothed or draped), coupled with a tutorial of the figure in art history.

This intensive workshop immerses students in the study of depicting the body – proportion, scale, shape and, value – to build artistic skill and gain an appreciation for the complexities and drawing tools required.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts: Fine Arts, History, Language Arts.

STEM connection: Math (shape, form, proportion), Science (anatomy).

*Note: Art history tutorial is only available for the full day program.

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