School Tours FAQs

Planning Ahead

The 2015/2016 School Programs are offered from September – June. Programs are offered Tuesday to Friday during the school calendar. The programs are connected to our Permanent Collection our current exhibitions for Arts Infused.
As a general guideline, Station Gallery recommends bringing one adult for every six students in Elementary school (in addition to the classroom teacher) and one adult for every fifteen students in high school. The adult volunteers will be responsible for student supervision and ensuring that the students follow the gallery expectations. For all programs, adult volunteers are also asked to help with practical tasks including material distribution and clean up tasks.
School Programs are planned to accommodate up to 30 students per class. We are able to accommodate 2 classes at one time with a maximum of 60 students. In the studio, space is limited so individual classes should not exceed 30 students.
Station Gallery School Programs are priced and booked on a per student basis. Program prices reflect the cost of gallery staffing and program materials. All prices are per student, inclusive of HST.

smART Gallery half day tour -$10 per student
smART Gallery & Studio full day tour-$15*
@ Your School half day-$12 full day -$18
@ Your School Conferences $10 per student

* Arts Infused $8.00 special pricing due to sponsor support

Minimum charge 15 students. Cancellation fee applies less than two weeks before booked session. Maximum individual class size of 30.

All programs must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Please note that programs fill fast during the school year so it is best to book early. School Program bookings for 2015/2016 are available now.

What to expect

Station Gallery School Programs connect to many areas curriculum areas including Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. For more detailed descriptions of program connections to the curriculum, see the programs descriptions pages of the website or the Education Brochure.
Our highly experienced and knowledgeable Station Gallery Educators lead the school programs. We do not use volunteer docents to run our school workshops.
Half Day smART Gallery Tour with Studio
Gallery exhibition visits offer in-depth opportunities for students to connect to artworks in a gallery setting. Each program is based on a thematic exploration of artwork and enhances critical thinking, interdisciplinary approaches to learning, vocabulary and skill development. Through a variety of interactive activities and exercises; students develop personal responses, share ideas with their peers and build their critical skills to understand and enjoy contemporary Canadian art. Time in the half-day workshops is split equally between gallery and studio unless otherwise stated.

Full Day smART Gallery & Studio Tour
The Full Day sessions are a richer expansion on from the Half Day tour for a fuller, more dynamic, enriched learning opportunity. Students will be involved in the hands-on creation of artwork inspired by their gallery experience. Details of the studio activity for individual sessions are on our website and in our Education Brochure.

Arts Infused
Book early, these workshops are popular and there is limited availability. This is a full day only gallery and studio tour based on a specially chosen exhibition twice a year (fall & winter) It’s an approach that engages students in not only learning about art – but learning through art.
Arts Infused is generously sponsored by UOIT and Durham District School Board, $60 bussing subsidy claim forms are issued at the time of booking.
Please see our website for details of the workshop themes and cross-curricular enhancement.

@ Your School
Our Permanent Collection comes to you for a full or half day. Station Gallery brings original artwork and supplies for an art-making activity right into your classroom! Lively discussion and activities sparks students’ interest in key concepts and inspires creative explorations of techniques and materials.

@ Your School Conferences
We use our Permanent Collection to inspire 1-hour workshops of a variety of social reality topics. Two workshops can run concurrently throughout the day to accommodate up to 200 students in a day (8 classes)

Whether you book a Half Day smART tour or Full Day Gallery and Studio your class will have an opportunity to visit current gallery exhibitions. Educators can answer any additional questions that are not focused on during the tour. Teachers are welcome to explore the gallery with their students independently if time allows.
Station Gallery offers a tour called Gallery Grazing for students with special needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements and see our website for details.

Our facilities are equipped to welcome all guests and Educators are trained to differentiate instruction for all students. Station Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Students in wheelchairs can enter, with their class, through the main entrance. For specific comments or questions concerning students with special needs please let us know when booking your School Program.

The nude is not a focus in School Programs and if there is any graphic nudity, these spaces are avoided during School Programs. On the rare occasion there is any explicit nudity in and exhibition teachers will be made aware before their visit. ALL teachers are encouraged to preview the exhibitions if they have any concerns.

Booking a program

After you have decided on a program, email Chrissie Wysotski, Education & Events Lead, at to make a School Program Request. Note that this is only a request and does not guarantee a program at the requested time. Once you have booked, you will receive an email, confirming your time or suggesting new dates and times if necessary.
For changes or cancellations to your booking, please contact Chrissie Wysotski, Education & Events Lead, by email at or by phone at 905.668.4185. Any cancellations to bookings made less than 14 business days before a program will be subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the total booking fee. Your Invoice and Booking Contract will be attached to an email confirming your visit.

*The fee on your invoice applies at time of booking and may be adjusted UP TO ONE WEEK BEFORE the date of your visit. (This is essential when we are purchasing supplies and carrying out set up for your workshop) Additional students may be added to your booking if the class size does not exceed 30. Minimum charge of 15 students applies.

You will need an accurate class list for the galleries’ use, a copy of your Invoice Contract and payment for the full fee. Please make cheques payable to Station Gallery.

program preparation

Make the most of your visit to Station Gallery by preparing your students for what they will see and talk about. Ensure that students understand the behaviour that is expected of them. Please ensure each student is wearing a name tag.
Our student to adult ratio is as follows:

Elementary: 1 adult to 6 children.
Secondary: 1 adult to every 15 students.

You are welcome to bring more adult helpers with you if you wish.

Ensure that all group supervisors are aware that their role is to support the students’ learning. They can do this by:

  • Setting a good example and following the gallery expectations
  • Allowing Gallery Educators to lead the program without interruption
  • Supervising bathroom breaks and ensuring that the group stays together and on task
  • Providing an ’extra pair of hands’ during practical activities, note: this can be a physically demanding role depending on class size and grade level.
For teacher and student evaluation, rubrics and resources, visit us online and click on Schools. For additional content questions or specific resource inquiries, please contact Chrissie at
Students are not required to bring any classroom supplies with them, as pencils, sketch boards and activities are provided. All studio materials are included in the Half & Full Day Tours, @ your School and Conference workshops. We DO NOT put aprons on the students; please ensure they wear art friendly clothes during their visit. Sketchbooks are always welcome, but not necessary. For Full Day Tours, students should bring snacks, a bagged lunch and a refillable water container; there is a water fountain for your use. Students should also bring a camera or other device to record their visit.
Large bags and backpacks, food, and drinks, are not permitted in the Gallery spaces. Cell phones and cameras are permitted for recording their visit at your discretion.
Not only is drawing allowed in gallery spaces, but it is highly encouraged. Students will be given sketching materials during their visit to the gallery, and they will be expected to participate in sketching activities.
If you would like to remain after your program with your students, please confirm upon booking your program with the Education & Events Lead. Self-guided visits are subject to capacity and can only be booked with a School Program.
Station Gallery has lunch facilities that must be booked ahead for use if you are booking a half-day session. These facilities are located in the studios and deck area (weather permitting) and are free of charge. All Full Day experiences include use of the lunch facilities automatically.
For information about School Program objectives and content, please contact Chrissie Wysotski by email at or by phone at 905.668.4185.

Arriving at Station Gallery

Station Gallery is located at 1450 Henry Street, Whitby, ON, L1N 0A8. For directions to Station Gallery, please visit us online and click on Contact Us.
Buses must use the Iroquois parking facility behind the main entrance for drop-off and pick up. Station Gallery parking lot does not have the turning space for busses. Unload students in the parking lot and walk them around to the main entrance. Buses may park for long periods at the drop-off point.
Upon entering Station Gallery, a Gallery Educator will meet you, please move your group into the foyer to avoid blocking the doors. The lead teacher can then approach the Front Services Desk to hand in their paperwork. Your students may need to use the bathrooms; you will be directed to where all coats and lunches must be put away. Name tags must be worn on their indoor clothing.

After Your Visit

Visit our Schools page for a comprehensive assessment and reflection rubrics for you to complete with your students.
There are many ways to become involved with Station Gallery. You can support Station Gallery by becoming a member or volunteer. Visit us online for more information.
We offer a variety of Teachers PD days on designated dates by the School Board. Engaging with real works of art is a brilliant way to inspire learning across a range of subjects, including literacy, history alongside art and design. Our fun and practical training will help you develop new ideas and skills you can apply inside and outside the classroom.

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