SG Summer Art Camp – Week 4

Leadership and teamwork took centre stage this past week during our Studio Lab Summer Camp session! The campers amazed us with unique perspectives and fun collaboration. With a wide range of skills being demonstrated this week, we saw many campers stepping into leadership roles, helping and bonding with their fellow students!

From the beginning of the week, it was evident that we had a great group of leaders at the Station Gallery! Two of our Art Masters, Ella and Aggy, were quick to bring the other campers together. At snack time, they initiated games of “Octopus” and “Can’t Cross Canada,” a camp favourite. “We started games to get everybody together and make friends,” Ella explained. “We love playing ‘Can’t Cross Canada,’” added Aggy, “I’m training to be a lifeguard, so working with and playing with the younger kids was awesome!”

Inside the studios, we saw an equally inspiring level of collaboration. Our campers could be found continuously brainstorming ideas together, sharing techniques, and working together to create special additions for their projects. Those who were done projects early were eager to help their fellow campers, and even the counsellors! Mia, another Art Master, was a returnee from last week’s camp session. She knew the ins and outs of SG Summer Camp and demonstrated exceptional leadership along with the rest of her camp group. “I love helping other kids!” she exclaimed, “I’m going to camp to learn to become a counsellor this summer. I would love to be a counsellor in the future!”

We are so proud of and astonished by our campers every day. Each student brings new insights, creative concepts, and skills to camp, helping everybody to learn from one another. “You learn so much and you get to make so many new friends at camp,” said camper Ashley. Camper Gwyn added, “I saw a new side of art that I’ve never been exposed to before!” One happy camper, Gabriel, said, “I want to be an artist, inventor, and engineer! I had so much fun being creative at camp!” It is exciting to watch our campers learn and grow throughout each week at camp. Their enthusiasm, positivity, and confidence is contagious, creating a joyful atmosphere here at the Station Gallery!

Quotes of the Week:

“Art is amazing!” – Marcus

“Camp is just fun! It taught me that I can be myself when I do art!” – Ashley

“I learned that I actually CAN paint!” – Michael

“I wish I could stay at camp all summer! That’d be so fun!” – Addison

“Art calms me down! Camp was fun and awesome!” – Austin

“Everybody is so nice! Nobody judges you or your art!” – Mia

“I loved camp! I’m not normally a camp person, but this was AWESOME!” – Mckenna

“It was awesome. I had so much fun and the counsellors were so nice!” – Cate

“It was an interesting experience filled with wonders and joy!” – Gwyn

“I liked having the art show at the end of the week so my family could see all of our art!” – Clara

“One of the coolest things was adding broken CDs to our animal sculptures! They looked awesome! If you’re coming to camp, be ready for cool stuff and having tons of fun!” – Gabriel










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