SG Summer Camp – week 2

Written by SG Camp Counsellor Lucy Villeneuve

Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy are not words that you would commonly associate with Art camp; however, at the Station Gallery this year, our campers get to combine science and art in our Studio Lab camp sessions! July 9th marked the beginning of our second week of summer camp, and our first week of Studio Lab!

Our campers got to enjoy a week filled with multidisciplinary projects and many new materials. They went outside the gallery to collect beautiful leaves and flowers, and they went out of this world to build space-themed mobiles. Each day brought about a new experiment for our campers and counsellors, providing opportunities to brainstorm ideas, try new techniques, and learn about fascinating concepts.

One of the campers’ favourite projects this week was the infrared animal sculptures. Everyone learned about the basics of infrared sensors and blew us away with some amazing new facts about the topic. The campers delighted in the ability to create any animal they wished, making for a vibrant and energetic aura in the studios. Sharks, penguins, cobras and cats were just a few of the many colourful animals being crafted this week. “With the sculptures, you could get messy, but nothing you do is wrong,” said Hanna, who was a part of the Art Masters camp group, “it let’s you express yourself. I made a bird, which reminds me of flying and freedom.” Her fellow camper Conall found inspiration from his past learning experiences: “I made a sugar glid

er – a type of bird – I did a project about them in school, so I decided to make that my animal!”

Campers got the chance to use plaster to create their animals, which was a new experience for many. Plastering was tricky for some at first, but after trying different techniques and working together, our campers managed to create masterpieces. “I love making art and helping people,” explained Art Adventurer Jonah. The campers then painted their animals based upon infrared colour schemes of blue, red, yellow and green. The result was a wild group of brightly coloured animals, which became an eye-catching display at the Curator Day exhibition.

At pick-up time on Friday, parents were welcomed into the gallery to see “Wonders of Science,” the campers’ own curated exhibition of their artworks. The kids were enthusiastic to show off their creations. The parents were met with an array of proud smiles and left with armfuls of their children’s artwork. The afternoon was filled with joy and excitement, as well as last minute hugs and goodbyes from newfound friends; but the goodbyes were sprinkled between calls of “I’ll see you next summer!”

Addison W. said, “I’m so excited to come back!” Our busy week ended with a bang, setting the stage for our third, awesome week of camp.

Quotes of the week:

“Camp is amazing, and you build awesome stuff!” – Emma

“Camp is about making new friends and learning new things!” – Hanna

“I loved being able to express my feelings.” – Kora

“Camp is awesome, PERIOD. By going here, you’ve made the best decision of your life!” – Leo

“I liked our field trip to the skate park. It was fun to have play there at lunch!” – Finley

“I love plastering and painting. It’s just fun!”

“I love doing arts and crafts and getting a bit messy!” – Leigha

“The watercolour collage was cool. It’s really exciting, but chill at the same time!” – Sheridan

“It was a really fun experience. You make lots of friends and the counsellors are so nice!” – April

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