SG Summer Camp – week 3

Summer Camp is in full swing here at the Station Gallery! This past week was filled with fun experiences and inspiring new creations. With our third studio now open, our campers received an abundance of opportunities to let their artistry and their friendships flourish. Our third week of campers embraced the Art Passport theme with enthusiasm and brought intense energy to the studios each day. Camper Audrey commented, “We got to learn about new cultures around the world and how they make art. It was really interesting!”

The campers loved learning each day. “I learned how to do weaving this week!” exclaimed Grace, one of our Art Adventurers. Our weaving project is inspired by the traditional African culture and practice of weaving. Campers learn about the process and meaning behind this artform in Africa, then get to make their own weaved creations. Though on a smaller scale, it offers an equally large opportunity for uniqueness and thoughtful decision making. “I liked weaving because I got to choose different colours,” stated camper Neve. Fellow camper Isabel added, “It was my first time weaving. We added print making to it which I liked because it was so colourful and different.”

They happily completed each project, and even came up with some new creative ways to make the most of their time at camp. At snack breaks and lunch breaks, you could always find the campers sketching, sculpting, and finding inspiration in the scenery around them. On Friday’s snack break, the younger campers were surprised with a flash-mob dance choreographed by our Art Masters. “Oh, that was funny!” mentioned one camper involved in the performance. “We had a 5-minute dance party because we were working so hard, and it turned into a full, choreographed dance, so we performed it for the other campers!” Our campers also were lucky to go on two field trips this week; one to the skate park, and one to the harbourfront! “I liked having a big space to play at lunch,” stated Art Master Mia. Another camper added, “I loved going to the harbour to see all the boats, we saw a swan too!”

Whether in the studios or outside, our campers were filled with joy, laughter, and creativity. This made our third week at camp a blast, with many friendships and new ideas blossoming each day.







Quotes of the Week:

“People said my stained-glass project looked like a watermelon, so I made that my artistic theme for the week! I created a watermelon bird, and it turned out to be really beautiful!” – Jaymie

“Who doesn’t like pinatas!?” – Hailey

“Art is awesome because you make new things!” – Naima

“Building clay landscapes and origami was super cool!” – Jacob

“It’s so fun to make art, the teachers are awesome!” – Brooke

“I love camp, it’s so fun!” – Max

“Don’t be shy, camp is really fun!” – Hailey

“It’s so fun! I can’t wait to come back next year!” – Lila

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