Station Gallery Night Market

By Laura Driscoll

The first ever Station Gallery Night Market on May 16th was a huge success.  Thanks to Ally Nohos and Jamie Walker, the community was able to shop a wide variety creations made by local vendors inside Station Gallery while viewing the annual Durham College exhibition. Featured vendors included JK Macramé, Greg Stokman, Zuna Amir, Wooly, Nesrin Blair, Pam Reines and more.

Inside the gallery, people could also enjoy a delicious bite from incredible food vendors such as Brock St. Espresso and Frantastic Events.  Whether you wanted an ooey- gooey bite from Gangster Cheese who brought their food truck to the Night Market, a warm cup of coffee from Brock St. Espresso or a sweet treat from Cupcake Junkie or Frantastic Events, all your taste-buds were sure to tingle.  

Vendors were selected through an open call, which ensured a diverse group of artisans with a wide range of products: art prints, original paintings, sewing works, crochet pieces, wood works and designs, and so much more. The vendors sat below the unique exhibition put together by the students of Durham College, which ensured that your eyes would never have a dull moment.  The Station Gallery Night Market was a fabulous event to introduce local artists and artisans to the community and to explore the endless opportunities for inspiration in front of them.    

We hope you had a great time at the SG Night Market and we hope to see you at our next event soon!

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