Thanks to our SG Volunteers!

by Pam Noonan, SG Administrative Coordinator

Volunteers make what we do at SG possible! Our energetic volunteers help make our programs and events run smoothly…and a lot of fun!

When you volunteer with SG, you connect our community members to local arts and cultural experiences, while developing new friendships and sharing the enjoyment of creativity.

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we wanted to highlight a few of our wonderful volunteers and ask them what volunteering with SG means to them.

Kerry Lovett

PN: How long have you been an SG volunteer?

KL: 1 and a half years this June.

PN: What first attracted you to volunteer with SG?

KL: Two things – SG’s long-standing history supporting artists and their art programming they provide locally here in the Durham Region. SG stood out as an organization that truly supports all those who walk through its doors and work to ensure they have a great experience. 

PN: What do you love most about SG?

KL: I volunteer in a variety of children’s programs and being part of fostering a child’s creativity, which will be with them through their lives, is an incredible experience.

PN: What keeps you coming back?

KL: Being a part of the discovery of the artist in every child. My favourite line is one I hear often, “That is so cool, I can’t believe I did that!”.

“Because of her dedication and hard work, all my classes were a great success. Thank you so much Kerry for your passion, your energy, your sense of humor and commitment of time to Station Gallery, it is greatly appreciated.” – Rola Jaber, SG Artist Instructor

Elaine Crabtree

PN: How long have you been an SG volunteer?

EC: I have been a volunteer for one and a half years.

PN: What first attracted you to volunteer with SG?

EC: I moved to Whitby and wanted to get involved with my new community. Art has always been important to me so helping out at SG was a good fit as a place to volunteer.

PN: What do you love most about SG?

EC: I love being surrounded by art and interacting with people who also love it. I also enjoy helping kids to discover art and their own creativity.

PN: What keeps you coming back?

EC: I come back because of the friendly staff, other volunteers and visitors, the wonderful art and the happy feeling of contributing to making it all happen.

You couldn’t choose a more positive and exciting place to volunteer. There is a huge variety in the types of events with which one can get involved, interacting with both children and adults. I enjoy them all.

River Hyde

PN: How long have you been an SG volunteer?

RH: I have been a Station Gallery volunteer for over two years now.

PN: What first attracted you to volunteer with SG?

RH: I saw a flyer at school saying that SG was looking for volunteers and I heard good things about SG, so I made the call and the rest is history. 

PN: What do you love most about SG?

RH: The wonderful staff and instructors who make every class and every visit a wonderful place to be. 

PN: What keeps you coming back?

RH: I love working with kids and at SG I get to help them learn about art and sometimes even teach them something new. 

“Dedication is the word I would use to describe River. River is a tireless volunteer who is a great role model for young people. Helping out in classes, Pop-up Studio events and camps, River works to ensure SG kids are always having a great experience.” – Kerry Lovett

Thank you to all SG volunteers for your time, energy and dedication. You make SG the warm and inviting place that it is, and we’re so grateful for it!

Interested in volunteering with us? We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact SG for exciting volunteer opportunities by clicking here.

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