The Fun of Summer Camp

Written by SG Camp Counsellor Lucy Villeneuve

Our first week of Summer Camp 2018 has been a whirlwind of fun, creativity, and new adventures. Campers arrived on the first day to an array of colourful, collaborative chalk drawings, sparking their enthusiasm for the many activities in store for the week to come.

When asked what his favourite project of the week was, first-time Art Adventurer Kyle said, “The stained glass… no wait, the fish… no, the bird! That’s a hard question!”

The Art Adventurers took a trip around the world this week with the Art Passport theme! On day one, the kids shared stories of their favourite vacation memories and brainstormed world-famous cultural landmarks.

As they created their way around the world, our young artists found interest in our Mexican Day of the Dead piñatas. “I loved making the piñata,” exclaimed camper Sofia, “I’m going to use it at my birthday party! I painted mine blue and gave it a necklace and a bow!” Each camper adorned their piñata with flowers, streamers, and unique doodles.












During their art adventures, the young campers found additional fun along the way, breaking up their day with two-minute dance parties and lots of games at snack time. A favourite of the week was Water Day on Wednesday. In the sunny, humid weather, we took our campers outside to splash away the heat. Water balloons and relay races were the perfect way to cool everyone off, including the counsellors.

“Water Day was pretty fun because the kids went against the counsellors and they got soaked,” stated Lauryn, a first-time camper. “We all got our counsellors: Ely, Matthew, and Lucy. They were like, “AHHH!”, agreed fellow camper Rhys.

There was fun to be had all throughout Station Gallery, as in one of the studios, where our Youth Camp could always be found enthralled by their newest art projects. The youth campers experimented throughout the week with new materials, techniques, and creative ideas.












When asked about their favourite projects, our campers responded with resounding enthusiasm. “You don’t get to make things like this in school; the projects are so unique and hands on,” said Charlotte. New techniques were crafted every day: “I used a toothbrush to splatter paint on my sculpture,” explained Shelby. “It was funny because every day we went home with paint all over us and in our hair, but it was SO fun,” added fellow campers Emma and Megan.

Every day, the studios were filled with inspiring energy. The unique spirits of each camper were shown in their artworks. “I like how we got to choose colours and symbols that were meaningful to us,” said youth camper Ella. Abby explained, “You get to make things you’d never think of and it’s such a unique experience,” and fellow camper Kaylee added, “You could always be really creative. The counsellors were super helpful and often complimented us on how beautiful and unique our projects were. I loved that I could really express myself!”

Overall, the campers left us with great smiles and armfuls of creative artworks, making our first week of camp an awesome success! We hope the families of our campers enjoyed seeing the magnificent art pieces that the campers brought home at the end of the week, and we look forward to seeing what the second week of camp brings! Check back next week for the next installment of our Summer Camp Summaries!

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