Top 5 of Summer Camp

by Reilly Fullerton, Summer Camp Supervisor

As the supervisor of Station Gallery’s summer camp, I’d say that my job is pretty fun! Every day I do something new, and I get to meet so many amazing campers and witness all of the spectacular work that they do each week. I have the pleasure of working with an amazing group of artist instructors and counsellors who work hard every day to create a one of a kind experience for the campers. Here are five of my favourite memories from the first month of camp:

1. Watching the campers make their amazing animal masks during our Running Wild weeks.









2. Accompanying the campers to the lake to do plein air sketches of the sailboats.

3. Watching the weekly exhibit of camper art come together.

4. Seeing the younger campers take a 30 second dance break from their projects.

5. Browsing through the art that the campers make, and seeing what they title and price it.

I’ve had such an amazing month at Station Gallery, and I’m so excited to welcome many more campers and to see all of the fantastic projects in the month of August! See you all in the studios!

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