Town of Whitby Culture Plan

The Town is developing its first Culture Plan! The plan will help to define, support and build Whitby’s arts and culture sector and respond to the changing demographic and cultural composition of the community over the next 10 years.

Enhancing the existing cultural activity and making room for new cultural scenes through the development of a Culture Plan also contributes to other Town goals including building an age-friendly community, revitalizing the two downtowns, and attracting and retaining capital investment and talent, leading to a strong economy. It is being developed through extensive inventorying of cultural resources, community and stakeholder consultation, which will help guide strategic principles, recommendations, implementation considerations and cost implications of the plan.

With an expected launch date of early 2020, the Plan is being developed in three Phases: Phase One: Culture Resources Inventory, Trends, and Analysis; Phase Two: Community and Stakeholder Engagement; Phase Three: Strategy and Implementation Plan Development.
The Town’s first Community Open House started the dialogue by asking what does culture mean to you? How do you experience culture in Whitby? Where does culture happen in Whitby? What do you want to see in Whitby that doesn’t exist today? What are the key priorities for a Whitby culture plan?

Want to add to the conversation? Watch for upcoming pop-ups at community events or share your input by completing the online survey found here:

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